Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail: The Impatient Lemur Takes Mobile Platforms

    The name of the next release of Ubuntu became known. Raring - impatient, thirsty, full of aspiration. Ringtail - any kind, ring-tailed raccoon, ring-tailed lemur or a dozen and a half dozen animals with a long twisted tail. Shuttleworth wrote on his blog that the main focus in the next two half-year cycles remaining before the active development of the LTS release on April 14 will be on tablets, smartphones and televisions.

    “It's time to look at the core of Ubuntu through the prism of mobile devices: the key metrics should be battery life, the number of running processes, memory consumption,” he writes and invites all developers traveling to the Copenhagen summit on October 29 to take Nexus 7 with them. sample platform, under which it will be necessary to sharpen the next release.

    By the way, the upcoming version of the Linux kernel 3.7 is going in the same direction . Developers are going to seriously take up support for the ARM architecture so that the kernel out of the box works with most ARM-based SoCs.

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