Knights of the cloak and rootkits: what to see about hackers. TV series

    Summer is a time of travel and well-deserved rest. Whatever the journey and wherever you go, surely it will be a long road (flight or train), or a medium-quality connection, if we are talking about places far from the benefits of civilization.

    Usually thrifty people take a bunch of movies and TV shows with them on a trip so that they can stop their ears in transport and listen to the voices of their favorite characters.

    We have prepared for you a small selection of serials, one way or another connected with IT. And the long-term friendship of LANIT with the International Documentary Film Festival " DOKER " prompted us to the idea of ​​this post , where, by the way, including with our help, the nomination for the films about the possibilities of information technologies "Let IT Dok!" Became traditional.

    Shot from the TV series “Mr. Robot (eps3.1_undo.gz)

    Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk The

    active, rich and cheerful FE “Erlich Bachman” decides to use his living space as an incubator for startups. But he would not be a billionaire if he did it for free. The guys live in his house for free, but they owe him 10% of the profits of their start-ups.

    Of course, the plot revolves not only around the development of certain projects - the characters often get into everyday situations familiar to the common man, but come out of them like classic geeks.

    Who should see

    Tom, who likes the series about startups at the stage of inventing them and making a difficult choice - to sell or develop themselves. Lovers of jokes about IT people who are bored with very stereotypical jokes about IT people. Introverts who like to watch TV shows about introverts.

    Who does not look

    Tom, who believes that all the jokes about IT is deliberately stupid. Someone who hates non-formals and thinks that only big companies are always right, while others have no reason to pull something of their own. Tired of the series, where the main characters - the company Nerdov with laptops.

    Computer scientists (IT Crowd)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    Central London, a large corporation. A basement full of rubbish. Three people from the IT department for whom this basement is the abode. These are the "computer scientists" who spend their time inventing all kinds of pranks with the help of the technologies available to them.

    While in their team does not appear a specialist in communications, which generally do not understand anything in computers.

    To watch

    Lovers of old TV shows. Those who are not angry offscreen laughter. Those who did not get the joke about "turn off" and "turn on".

    Who does not look

    Haters offscreen voice. For the former supporters, who still have phantom pains and sleepless nights with phrases like "And here I pressed something and ...". Those who strongly dislike banal jokes about IT people.

    Stop and burn (Halt and Catch Fire)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    “Halt and Catch Fire (HCF mnemonic code) is a hypothetical assembler command, during which the computer’s CPU stops executing further commands, due to which a hard reset is necessary to restore.” ( Wiki )

    80s. Two guys in the garage are trying with the help of reverse engineering to create a brand new computer based on the IBM PC. Only they want to make not another healthy desktop, but a portable (at that time) laptop.

    Intrigues, the bases, nervous breakdowns, corporate romp, the sluggishness of large companies. The series well shows that not only the chips can be burned out, but also people.

    To watch

    Lovers watch the development of a startup and the disputes of the founders. Those who are seduced by the atmosphere of the 80s, when a lot of things we were used to were just beginning.

    Who does not look

    Those who are in the club "How I enraged the man who played Thranduil." Lee is essentially the main role here. To those who love only accurate biographical dramas and always say: “Yes, in fact, it was not like that”.

    Mr. Robot

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    The history of a young programmer who settled down to work in a global corporation in order to bring it down. Elliot Anderton, a guy who wouldn’t indicate in the summary “Communicability and Joy”, becomes a member of the hacker community with a rather anarchistic outlook on life.

    The series is good at least in that it more or less shows the tools of information security specialists. That is, this is not the case when “hacking” on the screen is performed under beautiful animated green wallpapers from the “Matrix”.

    Who to watch

    Those who love movies and TV shows about corporate conspiracies and as a result - civil conspiracies against corporations. For those who are sick, that in the movie about hackers on the screen during hacking, there is always a wallpaper from “The Matrix” or “uploading evil rootkit.exe 97%”. Here, at least a list of Linux teams makes sense. And indeed Kali linux.

    Who does not look

    Tired of single characters and introverted heroes. Those who are tired of serials in a monotonous grayish color.

    World of the Wild West (Westworld)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    45 years ago (1973) Michael Crichton, known to fans of science fiction based on the novels The Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park, wrote the script and directed the film The Western World.

    The plot of the old film moves around a software crash in androids, which should in every way entertain visitors to the park.

    Around the same, the story of Jonathan Nolan (Christopher's brother) “The World of the Wild West” is also developing.

    Can androids have their own mind and free will? Do they dream of electricians or worse?

    Who to watch

    Lovers of films about androids and ethical aspects of their coexistence with a person. To fans of Anthony Hopkins. Those who are sure that HBO will not remove the bad.

    Who does not look

    Those for whom everything from HBO - a waste of time. Those who have the edge of a movie about androids and car uprisings are already full. Those who do not want to look at it, because almost everyone is watching it now and generally they have got it with their westward, there is nothing new in it.

    Black Mirror

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    The series shows the reverse side of the widespread penetration of digital technology in our lives. A dystopia that Aldous Huxley and George Orwell would surely like. Each episode is a separate, independent episode unrelated to the others.

    The digital social rating of the individual, the power of Twitter over public opinion, cyber blackmail - all this is in the "Black Mirror". And much more.

    Who to watch

    Lovers tickle your nerves, thinking about the potential harm of new technologies and general digitalization in general. Those who are too lazy to follow the plot, smeared for the whole season. There is one series - one story. The episodes are not related.

    Who does not look to

    Tom, who is sure that all such scarecrows are like an old neighbor against Wi-Fi, because her milk is souring from this.

    CSI: Cyberspace (CSI: Cyber)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    In principle, the very series of the CSI family regularly supply memes like this:

    In the case of CSI Cyber, as the name suggests, criminals use high technology. And the FBI special agent predicts the behavior of hackers, trying to predict their next moves.

    Who to watch for

    those who have not yet filled the laptop with tea after viewing previous CSI and the flow of technical information about the cases under investigation.

    Who does not look

    Tom, who is very annoying when the characters with pathos speak about the technical aspects of cybercrime, not always understanding the essence of the matter.

    Startup (Startup)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Film Search

    And again the FBI and the brilliant programmers against cybercrime.

    A young banker who has invested dirty money in a programmer startup associated with cryptocurrencies. FBI agent looking for a money trail. Criminal elements, whose funds, in fact, invested in a startup.

    And all this starts to spin in a single plot.

    We recommend not only to fans of TV series about IT and finance, but also to fans of Martin Freeman (he plays the role of an FBI agent here) and Ron Perlman.

    The creators of the series - Crackle. The guys are not the highest grossing and well-known, but they have already managed to make the serial version of the Big Kush (6.9 IMDB). From the original Snatch there is only about a company of friends and a set of storylines.

    Who should watch

    Tom, who normally treats the mat in the series (in the original it is enough, in the correct translation - more than). Those who believe that the financial system may have a completely different future, thanks to new currencies and technologies. Anyone who does not mind the excess scenes of sex on the screen.

    Who does not look

    Tom, who did not leave immediately with the wildest speed to download the series after reading the paragraph above.

    People (Humans)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    In the fictional world, people have robotic services - androids, in their performance characteristics and appearance indistinguishable from an ordinary person. "Synthetics" are as familiar as the presence of a dishwasher in the house. And they can not only clean the dust, wash the dishes or take revenge on the yard, but also perform their marital duties quite well if the spouse has a headache.

    Androids are quite satisfied with this state of affairs (of course, they haven’t seen any other world), until one (or, more precisely, one) appears among them that is capable of rather deliberate acts, and not just the implementation of standard programs.

    The series shows what moral and social problems may arise in such a society.

    To watch and not to watch - here we would duplicate the categories of viewers of the Westworld described above. Yes, serials are different, and this one, in general, is less epic and simpler. But the audience of potentially interested is about the same.

    Scorpion (Scorpion)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Film Search

    Walter O'Brien is a real-life IT entrepreneur from Ireland who created Scorpion Computer Services .

    A computer genius and a company of children begin to work for the US Department of Homeland Security in order to solve all the high-tech problems that no less advanced criminals put before society.

    In real life, Walter’s company, by the way, reports that it provides similar services.

    “In real life, Team Scorpion provides solutions for“ ANY funded problem “. That's right; available at $ 10K or more. ”

    To watch

    Fans of TV shows about IT in general direction, when all TV shows about computers are equally good.

    Who should not look

    ? If they got TV shows about how a team of super-genies with an IQ the size of a house copes with problems. If you do not really believe that you can connect to a flying plane from a laptop via Wi-Fi. Or from the wing of the aircraft using a cable. Those who are tired of saving the world in almost every series.

    Artificial Intelligence (Intelligence)

    The series on IMDB / The series on Kinopoisk

    USCYBERCOM ( Cybernetic Command of the USA ) creates an ideal intelligence officer - a special services soldier who was successfully integrated into the brain with a supercomputer in the form factor of a small chip.

    After that, Gabriel (played by Josh Holloway, known to the viewer as Sawyer in LOST and a small run in Mission Impossible-4), begins not only to successfully crack nearby Wi-Fi within reach, but also to perform important government tasks. Clearly, for the benefit of humanity and democracy.

    By Gabriel put a partner, who ensures that he was all right. Well, who will watch the series, in which the main character does not have a partner.

    To watch

    Josh Fans. Those who are interested in at least the basic (almost comic) branch of human development as a symbiote with a high-performance chip in the brain.

    Who does not look

    Those for whom the very idea of ​​a super soldier seems ridiculous, and a smart super soldier with a chip in his brain is even funnier. Those who are a bit fed up with the fact that with the help of a successful connection to Wi-Fi you can do everything with everything.

    As you can see, our selection consists only of foreign-made serials. This is not to say that it came out on purpose - simply when searching for similar series and trying to remember everything that was viewed on its own, something domestic, noteworthy, was not found either in the depths of the memory or in the network. If they do exist, and we missed something sensible - let us know in the comments.


    Given the huge number of serials (namely serials) about IT people and technology, we probably missed something important and perhaps worthy of attention. If you think that some great series is undeservedly overlooked, then write - we will add to the list.

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