Application acceptance is open for Blackberry OS 10. $ 10,000 reimbursable promotion continues

    Today I received a notification by mail that for the long-suffering Blackberry OS 10, which still could not be released on time, we started accepting applications for certification to the requirements of the new system.

    It is worth recalling that RIM is trying in every possible way to draw the attention of developers to its platform, the forces of which are occupied by Android and iOS. So, at the beginning of this year, the company offered a free 16GB PlayBook tablet for porting its applications to BlackBerry OS; then, a little later, announced a promotion, according to which, the developer of the app, certified in the AppWorld app storeand who will not be able to earn $ 10,000 per year, is guaranteed to receive a difference in his own account (however, there is also a condition written in normal font: the application must still earn at least $ 1,000. Thus, in RIM, they are insured against possible slag in general useless applications that will qualify for participation in the proposal).

    For BlackBerry OS 10, the terms of the promotion with $ 10,000 are again confirmed, while developers specifically draw attention to the fact that the new system will be fully focused on the touch interface, and the latest version of the Beta 3 BlackBerry SDK must be used as an SDK .

    Thus, there is a real opportunity to get a place in the store for applications with a system, the owners of gadgets with which are often called the most solvent.

    [ RIM ]

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