- magazine for game developers

    Good day, dear habrasociety.
    We would like to present you our wonderful game development magazine -

    The project has been around for several months and we decided to tell a wide audience about it. We want to create a magazine that will be of interest to both novice developers and industry masters.

    On the pages of our magazine you will find information about programming, design, special effects and other subtleties of the art of development.

    For example, we are fan of an unusual render in Minecraft and carefully studied the technology for creating such effects: Minecraft

    -like render on OpenGL4. We

    analyze technologies that can help the youngest projects:

    Formats of 3D models, part I: Quake II MD2 format

    We try to combine educational articles with entertaining ones. For example, we continue to put together bits and pieces of the history of the game industry:

    The history of the video game industry - part 4: 1970-1977: The first arcade machines and consoles.

    Sometimes we give free rein to imagination and have fun as only real geeks can: Do-it-yourself


    In the articles, we share our own experience, or the experience of foreign industry masters. We are working to create the largest depository of practical knowledge in the CIS about the fascinating and difficult path of becoming independent developers.

    Join - it will be fun =)

    PS: the moped is not mine, but a very good game developer and, in general, a man madeinsoviets . He will be happy to answer your questions, and I will try.

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