Panoramas Curiosity for 59 sol

    Curiosity has now stood idle, until the moment, until NASA experts figure out what kind of object fell off from it. However, this does not prevent him from sending photos taken on previous working days (sols). Now there is a 64th sol on the rover’s calendar, and in the 59th he made two interesting panoramas with his colored mast cameras.

    Both cameras have a fixed focal length. The left MastCam 34 mm, the right - 100 mm. Accordingly, it is more convenient for the left to shoot close objects where a wide viewing angle is required.


    2128px × 600px 0.8 mb in the original color
    3663px × 1000px 3 mb
    5509px × 1504px 6.2 mb The

    stone on the left side of the picture was already examined using ChemCam

    The right camera is indispensable when you need to look into the distance:


    3806px × 600px 3.1 mb
    7872px × 1241px 10 mb

    This photo shows interesting layered formations near the rover. Most likely they were formed with the participation of water when Gale Crater was a lake. And, if life has ever been on Mars, it is simply obliged to leave traces in such places. I look forward to when Curiosity gets to them and explores. Therefore, this hitch is so unpleasant with a fallen off piece of plastic.

    On these panoramas, the white balance was adjusted for “earth lighting”. NASA in such cases says that these landscapes would look like if they were on Earth. Although it seems to me for a human vision that independently adapts to lighting, these stones on Mars will also be in “terrestrial illumination”. In any case, these photos are more pleasing to the eye precisely in such a color tone, and not in the yellow shades of the original Curiosity colors ...

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