Tomorrow ICFP Contest 2018, hooray! (+ useful for participating for the first time)

    Hello! Tomorrow at 16:00 (UTC) the ICFP Contest 2018 starts - an annual 72-hour team competition for programmers dedicated to solving a single, but interesting and intricate task.

    The picture is nostalgic for the participants of ICFPC 2017 .

    Already participated in the ICFPC? Then you do not need to explain anything. You have already gathered your favorite team or found a new one , subscribed to twitter , the IRC channel and the repository of the organizers, took part in a roll call on Reddit and planned to have a good sleep before Friday.

    Never participated? Then it's time to do all of the above, because participating in the ICFP Contest is the best thing that can happen to you in the next three days. If in doubt, I have something for you:

    • Excellent post on HabrĂ© from xoposhiy , 10-fold participant of ICFPC, with the description of tasks of last years and useful tips on participation. Be sure to read, if you participate for the first time and collect the team.
    • Archive of posts in LJ Dmitry Astapov with dramatic chronicles of his participation in the ICFPC of different years. Read with caution - you can fall out of life for a few hours, it is so exciting.
    • My Telegram-broadcast of participation in the ICFPC 2017. There was everything: analysis of the task on YouTube, photos of the code on the monitors and programming teammates, dramatic pauses due to the lack of sleep of the broadcast author (~ 18 of 72 hours of contest slept).
    • The DevZen podcast release, in which xoposhiy and spaceorc told the same story about participating in the ICFPC 2017 in audio format, and I connected to the after-show .

    I will participate again this year and will again conduct a Telegram broadcast . Subscribe, it will be interesting. I know a few more teams from Kontur, so I'll try to tell the story of ICFPC 2018 from various angles.

    Good luck on the contest and may the lambda calculus be with you :)

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