Dumps gave the go-ahead or how RAO with a nose remained

    Recently, on a hub, and not only often, the conversation goes about evil copyrights.
    That they say there is little money for them, you can’t listen to anything and even singing is forbidden !

    But what an interesting story I found on the Internet:

    One day people in uniform come to the UndergrounD Rock Bar, which is located in the city of Orenburg. Verification One of the most unpleasant words for any entrepreneur.
    During the inspection, no special violations were revealed, and in order to leave not empty-handed, the inspectors turned to music playing in the bar. Yeah! And you do not transfer money to RAO! Yeah! But how so! Everyone expels, but you do not! Fine to you! XX thousand!
    At this time, the SPLIN song was playing - Time Back ...

    They did not receive a bribe. Gone without a slurp of what’s called. But the fine remained to hang ...

    Local lawyers advised to pay deductions to RAO, or to try to write to the SPLIN Group so that they would give permission to publicly play the song “Time Back”.
    They decided to try. They wrote to the SPLIN group, they say, the guys are asking us to pay for your song TIME BACK.

    After the correspondence, a letter of the following content came from Vasiliev himself: The


    bar was saved. RAW with a nose. But osadochek remained ...

    Here here to Learn I found the source of the news.

    What kind of organization is this RAO?
    Goes to their website and read:
    Russian Copyright Society (RAO) is a non-profit public organization created by the authors to implement and protect copyrights in the field of intellectual activity. The company operates on the basis of the principles of voluntary and equal membership and democratic self-government. RAO carries out its activities throughout the Russian Federation, in accordance with the Charter of RAO, registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on September 30, 1993.

    So, is it voluntary? On the same site, I found a search for authors whose rights are represented by RAO.
    A search for “Splen” did not return any results ... Then, to whom and why should the owners of the bar pay?
    A further search showed that we have another organization in Russia: the All-Russian public organization “The Society for Collective Management of Related Rights, the All-Russian Organization of Intellectual Property” or just WIPO . Here in their database I found Spleen.
    Echoes of this story were found in the notorious imagebablaw . He writes that:
    Unfortunately, for the second year now, the law on copyright and related rights is not in force in our country. Instead, the 4th part of the Civil Code is effective from January 1, 2008.
    It provides for the so-called accreditation (Articles 1242-1245), which gives RAO the right to speak for an unlimited circle of people without an agreement.

    That's just interesting ... does this money reach the copyright holders?

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