Some Tesla buyers from Germany will have to return 4,000 euros to the state

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Yesterday it became known that the Federal Agency for Economics and Export Control of Germany (BAFA) plans to oblige some categories of Tesla buyers to return several thousand euros to the budget. This is a tax deduction of approximately 4,000 euros.

The reason is incorrect actions by the company itself. They are that Tesla Inc. She tried to show that her electric cars fully meet the criteria for obtaining a state subsidy. In fact, according to German officials, this is not entirely true.

The money will require the return of only those buyers who received subsidies issued before March 6 of the current year. In the opinion of the regulator, Tesla intentionally lowered the base cost of the Model S in order to fully comply with the requirements of the program.

In Germany there is a law that allows you to receive a subsidy for the purchase of a car, if its value does not exceed 60 thousand euros. AutoBild journalists write that Tesla called some features optional, although they are actually included in any of the packages chosen by the user.

Tesla representatives disagree with this opinion, arguing that the company sold its customers cars below the price bracket of 60,000 euros. And not only sold, but also delivered. Due to this, the regulator in the spring of this year included the Model S in the list of vehicles for which you can get a subsidy.

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