30 years with QNX: QNX demo disk

    You just have to watch it. But first of all, keep in mind that this QNX demo disk appeared in the late 1990s, and the web browser was released back in 1999, and not at all in 2012. I think the browser can be forgiven for error messages when viewing modern websites.

    You will be amazed! All that is shown here is the operating system itself, the graphical window subsystem, the browser, the TCP / IP stack, the file manager, games, etc. - located on a single boot diskette with a size of only 1.44 MB. No CD or hard drive. And, as you can see, the demo can even load and run programs (even graphic drivers!), And all this on the fly. I would say that is cool!

    Did you know? The demo disk image has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 (million!) Times. This was the first truly successful marketing campaign for QNX Software Systems. The purpose of the diskette was to show developers of highly reliable and embedded systems what QNX performance and capabilities can fit in such limited resources.

    UPD: If you have not heard about QNX before and would like to know more about this system, then you can read the article "QNX Real-Time Operating System: Acquaintance" published on Habré.

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