Codecademy Ruby Course

    By the many wishes of the workers, the Codecademy training portal introduced a Ruby programming language course.

    The course is interactive, does not require installing the runtime locally, the interpreter works directly in the browser. Consists of more than a hundred exercises, divided into 5 blocks. Part of the exercises of each block are introductory, and part is an example of the implementation of simple applications.

    The course will be most interesting, in my opinion, to those who start learning Ruby not as another language, but as the first, for those who begin to learn programming in general. In particular, for those who are familiar only with HTML + CSS, but want to start developing applications based on the Ruby on Rails framework. The concepts of "variable", "object", etc. are introduced in the course of presentation.

    The course is in English, but in a simple and understandable way even for me with my Soviet English.

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