All Kiev plan to cover a free Wi-Fi network

    In the capital of Ukraine, a private company came up with a very useful initiative - it is planned to deploy a free citywide Wi-Fi wireless network with monetization by viewing ads at the user's first login.

    In total, it will be necessary to install about 1000 access points, while the first has already been launched in the circus area. Soon, similar ones will appear in a number of central districts of Kiev, while the total cost of building a network will be $ 350,000. You can’t even watch ads by paying a certain fixed amount of money.

    From a purely subjective point of view, such an idea seems extremely useful. Even taking into account the fact that 3G coverage is still present in large cities of Ukraine, the free service is still very, very useful in many cases - since 3G equipment is still not as widespread as Wi-Fi. Personally, I extremely regretted the lack of Internet in the car a couple of months ago, when I urgently needed to look at Yandex Traffic in order not to spend a couple of pleasant hours in a traffic jam.

    Of course, I would like that such a service was not limited only to the capital. In Donetsk, one of the largest cities in Ukraine, a small but free Wi-Fi network was paid soon after Euro 2012; the city could not pay for covering the main street with a length of only about 3 km, considering that the amount spent was already too large.

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