Meet the new Imagine Cup 2013!

    This year the Imagine Cup will be doubly wonderful! Firstly, the international final will be held in Russia , in St. Petersburg, in the summer of 2013 (and Russian students will have a much greater chance of participating in them). Secondly, the competitions themselves have significantly updated this year and have become much better! Details below!

    This year, the competition includes three major design competitions held around the world:
    • Social projects is a former competition of software projects. It is necessary to present in it a solution that solves the urgent problem of mankind. It is reasonable to submit beautiful and vibrant projects in the field of medicine, education, the fight against hunger, etc.
    • Games - this competition has ceased to be an online competition, and will be held in Russia and in other countries along with the other two project competitions. If you want to create (or have already created) a game, in any of its manifestations: for a Windows Phone smartphone, for Windows 8, for XBox or for the web - apply for a game contest!
    • Innovation is the contest we have been waiting for so long! It allows you to submit to the Imagine Cup absolutely any projects that do not fall into one of the two categories mentioned above.

    Project competitions will be held in Russia as well as the competition of software projects in previous years:
    • Application deadline is February 15, 2013.
    • Regional finals and online tour (for those who can’t participate in the regional finals in person) - March 2013
    • Russian Final - April 2013

    Three teams will go to the international finals from Russia this year - one each in each of the project competitions (Russia received this right as the host country, from all other countries there will still be only one team). At the same time, one project can be presented only in one of the project contests (although in some cases it is possible to split the project into two) - so think carefully in which category your project will look most advantageous.

    An additional opportunity to get to the finals is online technology contests , which are held on individual technologies: Windows 8 , Windows Phone , Windows Azure(and possibly others will be added). In these competitions, you will first have to go through a little online testing on the website , and then send your application for consideration by the international jury. The teams that created the best applications will be invited to the international finals.

    We will also hold Russian application contests for you for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure for you - this is an additional reason to get prizes by competing with other Russian students. Although, of course, the main prize will be your application, available to millions of Windows 8 users in the Windows Store.

    In the coming weeks we will tell you in more detail about each of the contests - but now you can register on the updated . When registering, we ask you to briefly describe your idea in order to also participate in a local competition of ideas . Yes, this year we will give out prizes not only for ready-made applications, but also to authors of ideas that the jury will find the most interesting and promising. You can also put your idea on the “ exchange of ideas ” - in this case, other students who are interested in the idea will be able to contact you and join the project team, which will then present this idea at the Imagine Cup competition.

    Read more about contests on our website . Official rules for international competitions are available at . I will be happy to answer all questions about the contest personally on Twitter @shwars , in the comments on this post, or by mail to .

    This year is the best to participate in the Imagine Cup ! Firstly, you’re much more likely to touch the international finals, participation in which is actually the main prize of the competition! We hope that in one form or another, not only three finalist teams will be able to take part in the final, but also other active participants in the competition and the Russian final. Secondly, any student project using Microsoft technology in one way or another can participate in the updated structure of competitions !

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