Instagram for beggars


    In this short article I will try to talk about the possibility of registering on Instagram without a mobile device, as well as about its further use on a personal computer.

    The bad news is that without an iOS or Android mobile device, signing up for Instagram will be quite difficult. But such an opportunity was found. The essence of this workaround is that at the dawn of the third millennium, personal computers are not so uncommon and can please with their presence almost every family on our planet, unlike modern, but at the same time, not all affordable mobile devices corporations Apple or cheaper devices based on the Android OS, which not everyone uses in everyday life, due to the lack of the need for a huge variety of functions offered by this operating system oh system. Meanwhile, desktop computers today have reached a sufficient level of power and versatility, which means it’s quite able to cope with the task of emulating an android device. Unless he has a built-in camera. But even now you can buy a web-camera that surpasses many cameras built into modern mobile devices in the quality of shooting. So let's go.

    1 . To get started, we will need to download and install an application for emulating the Android OS called BlueStacks . This will help you create the necessary environment for launching the Instagram application on your computer. Please note that a version of BlueStacks exists for the Mac, but at the moment it does not support the Instagram application, so the macros can only expect an upcoming update that occurs every month along with the addition of support for new applications. Special freaks can install the win-version of BlueStacks on a Mac using a virtual machine :)

    2 . The next step is to actually download the latest version of the Instagram application for Android from Google Play or find it on the Internet .

    3 . Now install the Android application in Bluestacks by double-clicking on the * .apk file. BlueStacks will figure out how and where to put it.

    4 . Launch the application launcher dialog from Bluestacks and select Instagram from your application library.

    5 . Well, now you can sign up for Instagram without any problems, as if you would do it from your mobile device. Fill in the required fields and register.

    6 . That's all, now you can use Instagram and all its lotions.

    PS:Why is this needed at all on a home computer? I cannot but note the recent trend of processing photos taken on anything, whether it’s the cheapest mobile phones or expensive professional SLR cameras, in the style of Instagram. And since not everyone can use the famous filters, I only simplified access to them.


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