To the stump!

    In connection with reading the next post, I propose to list the exchanges on which you can find an alternative to the dull shit that turned into, because I no longer intend to tolerate systematic genocide.


    Russian exchanges:

    image - the number of projects is an order of magnitude less than on freelance. Sometimes, sometimes they lock without warning. Projects - from design to programming, from texts to 3D. But the project has to wait long enough
    As for the experience of use, then on this site, in my personal experience, you can find only small and medium-sized projects. Partly due to the fact that in the heads of customers there is only one site on which freelancers hang out, and they spit on other exchanges.
    • On a web-site, orders are few and harder to get started. I have an old acc there banned after hacking and it is absolutely unclear what to do in such a situation. At that time, it was easier to abandon weblans.

    image - mostly small projects. There are paid accounts, but the whole fee is that you can respond to the project after a time interval after publication. For large projects, the restriction is not significant.

    image - a small exchange, mostly medium in cost / duration projects. Although, in my memory, interesting projects came from there a couple of times - used to work, now under reconstruction, we are waiting. - the labor exchange has just begun to develop. As they say in sports, let's wait another year.

    image - Orders from around the world. Tasks are divided by science. In the registration process, you must pass a test in those subjects and fields of science that you indicate. This weeds out people who have no idea what they are up to.
    Quote from the site:
    At the moment, we highlight several main areas of activity:
    • fulfillment of academic tasks in the field of exact and natural sciences - mathematics, physics, programming, chemistry, biology, economic theory, etc .;
    • writing academic works in the field of the humanities - history, philosophy, cultural studies, psychology, literature, law, etc. - just started to develop, so far nothing to say. - I can’t say anything here, I haven’t encountered it, but people are writing in a topic. - similarly, I didn’t have to use

    Well and a few more for a snack: - a general freelance exchange. - similarly. - modest, but still working. - specialized, for 1C programmers.

    Foreign country:

    image is a giant and freelance monster. Most Russian-speaking freelancers hang out there. Finding work in a specialty is quite simple, because there is everything. On the other hand, the publicity of the exchange is a big obstacle when starting work; the number of responses to projects of 50 people is normal, and the portfolio should be treated more carefully, ideally its own portfolio site.

    • Communication exclusively in English while the level of English should be such that you are free to type + sometimes interviews need to be held in video chat. the competition is huge. Depending on the specialization for one project, there can be up to 40 bid (i.e. offers of freelancers). All customers require jobs that they can see. The main role on these exchanges is played not by your talent for programming, but by your talent for “steaming”. Why vparivat? because the rest of the freelancers are doing just that, and against their background you can look like a black sheep (or even a gray one such a small funnel). And of course, price dumping is very serious. As a rule, many freelancers already have groundwork that they use to drive. The operating mode is naturally evening (from 15 hours in Kiev). Those. you can work in the morning
    • regarding dumping - perhaps the Indians like to lower the bar, but it is also noted that customers are far from always being led by the one who gives less. As for the deal - I don’t agree, let me go there for a short while, but for both projects that I liked, I went through the third one now in a frozen state, since the customer himself does not fully know the requirements, but we already have a good relationship. If by “steaming” you mean a competent cover letter with an approximate explanation of how you already immediately understand the project and what you will do to make the project succeed, if necessary, immediately clarify some slippery issues, then in my understanding this is a “good tone” and not steaming. Yes, and customers relate to such applicants an order of magnitude better than those who click "accept" and one phrase, "I’ll be at its best, is another major exchange. There is work for everyone.

    image - something at the level of masdayny Not too many projects, but you can see the work for many specialties.

    image - it looks like a clone of the previous site, since the list of customers is, well, just a re-branding A relatively small labor exchange.

    image is another exchange. I can’t say anything about it yet :) Monthly membership
    - $ 12.94 to $ 45.44 per month (for one profile). For example, Websites & Ecommerce category costs $ 32.44
    Annual memberships are 50% off
    Transactions fee 7.45%
    Money withdraw fee - Direct deposit (US bank accounts only) - no fees.
    PayPal - no Guru fees.
    Prepaid MasterCard (Payoneeer) - no Guru fees.
    Wire transfer (Non-US bank accounts only) - $ 9.00 per wire transfer. Bid
    100 bids every 30 days
    Number Bid Pax Cost
    100 $ 25.00
    250 $ 45.00
    500 $ 75.00
    Projects only with a fixed budget for the agreed amount of work.
    There is a Dispute Resolution for SafePay projects.
    Projects for every taste. There are many of them. Judging by experience, the average price for the same work on eLance and Odesk is higher than on Guru.
    Communication only in English (at least at the chat level in skype and email), you need to show past work. The probability of getting an order is higher if you describe a solution or show similar work in a portfolio.

    I suggest commenting, the post will be edited with the receipt of information.

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