Runet Today, October 1, 2012. Experts of the issue: Sergey Mitrofanov, Dmitry Torshin

    At Finam FM studio - Sergey Mitrofanov, brand strategy, SOCIALIST's strategy director, and Dmitry Torshin, general director of Uniclaud Labs. Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they talk about a fundamental update that awaits the once-largest social network in the world, about a study on freedom of speech on the Internet in different countries of the world, and about the release of updated clothing sales services from two Internet giants Runet .

    1. MySpace social network will be fully updated.

    - What factors determine the success of a social network?
    - Will MySpace be able to regain its position in the social media market?

    2. Russia took 30th place in the ranking of countries according to the degree of freedom of the Internet.

    - How free is the Internet in Russia?
    - In which direction will the situation with free speech from the Web develop?

    3. The Yandex and Group companies presented services for the purchase of clothing and shoes.

    - Comment: Tatyana Umryaeva, project manager, Clothes, on Yandex.Market.
    - Comment: Ilya Boltnev, Marketing Manager, Project “Goods” Mail.Ru.

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