GStreamer first stable release released

    Finally, a few years later, the first stable version of GStreamer was released. What does this give us? I bring a free summary of the main features from the news from the official site.

    Version 1.x is targeted at end users. API and ABI are not compatible with versions 0.10.x, however, 1.x can be installed in parallel with 0.10.x and they will not conflict in any way. In addition, the official website published tips on porting applications from the previous version.

    The main changes
    - improved work with memory due to the transition to a new buffering system
    - added improved work with metadata - an extensible and consistent system of binding them to buffers has appeared.
    - Improved video and sound capture code
    - automatic re-dispatch of status for dynamic sources
    - significant optimizations were made in terms of resource consumption, in addition, decoding by vdpau and vaapi tools was added
    - more efficient distribution of buffers, events and other small objects

    - countless other improvements

    Ready-made packages will soon appear in debian sid, fedora 18, ubuntu quantal and other distributions.


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