Megaupload is back with the new Megabox service

    Back in August, Kim Dotkom, the owner of Megaupload, announced his intention to create a new Megabox service, which could be a great addition to the revived Megaupload. At that time, much was unclear, including the possibility of a file hosting revival, but now some points have become clearer. So, Megaupload will return to life very soon. The project is written almost from scratch, and already 90% of the necessary code is written. In addition, new partners, investors and employees were found. Servers are ordered that will have to provide the work of the revived service.

    Kim Dotkom himself claims that the updated file hosting will be even better than the old one. In addition, an additional service, Megabox, will be launched along with Megaupload. This project is a service that will allow musicians to sell music directly, without the participation of any recording studios and other intermediaries there. Those. the musician will receive as a result 90% of the requested amount, while he will be able to control the process of selling his music files.

    Of course, the service will be legal, no pirated files - after all, almost all files will be sold by the authors. So far, some of the nuances are unclear, but soon all of this can be found in detail. In the meantime, Kim presented a promotional video of the new service. This is a video that is quite interesting. One might think that the new service will be really useful for both sellers and buyers.

    Well, Megaupload will probably be restarted very soon. It is a pity that the exact time is not reported.

    Via techcrunch

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