Android Medical Reference

    Dear habro-community, in this post I want to present to you a medical profile of a wide profile for the Android operating system. And although certain products of this format are already present in the world, I tried to create a system that maximally combines the quality of information, usability and a nice graphical interface.

    The idea of ​​the application: The ideology of the application is based on the ability to quickly and simply get the maximum information about drugs or diseases, with an exhaustive description and photo materials.

    In the development process, I had to abandon any JavaScript frameworks and write an application in JAVA, for me it was the first application in JAVA, since I myself php dev

    It was also decided to make the application in several languages.
    At the moment, the application works in Russian, English and German.

    Search and navigation: After the welcome page, you will be greeted by the main search form, in which you can select Search for drugs, diseases or medicinal herbs. Tooltips will help you find complex medical terms, limiting against random errors.

    However, the navigation system is not limited to this functionality; it is expanded by the alphabetical category, which also works in all three categories.


    The application database is very large, it has more than 4 thousand diseases, 30 thousand drugs and 3 thousand herbs for each language. And tens of thousands of pictures to be provided to the user.
    Whatever information you are interested in is always there, and you do not need a Wi-Fi connection, the Add to Favorites function is provided. Just click on the yellow star at the top of the page and your article will always be available in the section.
    Within a few days, I’ll finish the caching of pictures.


    I am grateful to you, dear readers, that you paid attention to my post. I would be grateful for interesting tips and suggestions for improving my product.

    Link to the application

    - There were several errors in Android 4.0
    that were already fixed

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