Kaspersky Anti-Virus

    A few days ago, updated versions of Kaspersky Lab anti-virus products were fully compatible with Windows Vista:

    Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    - Russian version: kav6.0.2.614ru.exe (20.6Mb)
    - English version: kav6.0.2.614en.exe (18.1Mb)

    Download Kaspersky Internet Security
    - Russian version: kis6.0.2.614en.exe (22.8Mb)
    - English version: kis6.0.2.614en.exe (19.2Mb)

    Version is the so-called Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2). The following changes were made to it:
    * Implemented support for the Microsoft Windows operating system
    * Implemented x64 support in the Anti-Spam component
    * Improved recognition of graphic spam
    * Updated the update component
    * Added alternative activation servers

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