AWS: Accelerated Media for RDS

    Hello everybody!

    Most recently, in August 2012, Amazon released a new cool feature - EBS with a predefined amount of IOPS (Input / Output Operations Per Second). For those who use AWS for high-load projects and for software that really needs a fast disk, it has become manna from heaven.

    Prior to introducing the feature, EBS could be used at speeds of up to 100 IOPS.

    After - it became possible to install up to 1000 IOPS for a single disk!

    Today I received a letter that made me very happy. Now in RDS, you can use fast disks with a throughput of up to 10,000 IOPS.

    Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS are optimized for intensive transactional database operations. Right now, you can create MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server with a repository with the specified number of IOPS. The number of IOPS is determined by a factor of 10: 1 to the number of gigabytes of storage. A maximum storage of 1000 GB can have 10,000 IOPS.

    Yes, it seems to be not a cheap solution. Each gigabyte costs 10 cents, each IPOS + 12.5 cents per month. So, for the maximum possible storage of 1000 GB, we will pay $ 100 + $ 125 = $ 225 per month. Not so much for a rather serious story and a VERY fast disk .

    AWS as always goes ahead of the rest and creates unprecedented features in the field of cloud technologies. Delight customers, life becomes easier!

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