Google Search Ranking Factors

    The guys at decided to collect all the factors that Google takes into account when ranking sites. The official representative stated (at that time) that there are more than 200 of them. While the list looks like this, it is possible that some items include several factors.

    1. Domain Age
    2. Domain History
    3. Keywords in a domain name
    4. Subdomain or not
    5. Domain Location
    6. IP domain
    7. IP / Server Location
    8. Domain Sanctions History
    9. Keyword in Subdomain Name
    10. Domain registration using Google local
    11. Validity of domain registration data
    12. Alexa Rank
    13. Rank


    1. Site Inaccessibility
    2. Long site response
    3. Uptime server (not only the unavailability of the site but the server as a whole)

    Domain owner

    1. Domain Host Sanctions History


    1. HTML structure
    2. Using Header Tags
    3. URL view
    4. Using external CSS / JS files
    5. Keyword in Folder Name
    6. Keyword in URL Parameters
    7. Keyword in Page File Extension
    8. Dynamic URLs (= view URL)
    9. Using SSL
    10. Using the Google Search Appliance


    1. Keyword Density
    2. Keyword in Title Tag
    3. Keyword in Meta Description (Google declined, I decided to leave it to complete the list)
    4. Keyword (H, H ...)
    5. Keyword in the body of the page
    6. Content Novelty
    7. Semantic information (phrase-based indexing and co-occurring phrase indicators)
    8. Taxonomic flag for the main category (transactional, informational, navigation)
    9. Taxonomy flag for novelty
    10. Taxonomy flag of a marketing niche
    11. Keyword closer to the beginning Title
    12. Keyword closer to the start of hh
    13. The position of the keywords on the page ( computer help , as an example)
    14. Keyword synonyms (related words) on a page / site
    15. alt image tag
    16. Keyword in the first - words on the page
    17. URL keyword
    18. Keyword in the file name
    19. Keyword in Lists
    20. Keyword in HTML comments
    21. Content Change History
    22. Ratio of code size to content
    23. HTML validation
    24. CSS validation
    25. Availability of advertising
    26. Availability Adsense
    27. Google feeds for site feeds
    28. Site feeds on Google Blog Search
    29. Number of subscribers
    30. The presence of images from the site in Google Images
    31. Using the Google Search Appliance
    32. Using Google's Hosted Web App
    33. Delicious data
    34. StumbleUpon data
    35. Twitter data
    36. LinkedIn data
    37. Facebook data
    38. Myspace data
    39. Address (Country / city) in the body of the page

    Inbound links

    1. Website Quality Links
    2. Link Page Quality
    3. Site Age
    4. Page Age
    5. Page Content Relevance
    6. Link Location (Basement, Navigation, Body)
    7. Link Anchor
    8. Link title attribute
    9. alt tag image links
    10. Domain Country
    11. Importance of the domain (.edu, .gov)
    12. Server location
    13. Important sites (CNN, BBC, etc)
    14. Link from Yahoo! Directory
    15. Link from DMOZ
    16. Links from Wikipedia
    17. Google Knol Articles
    18. Using Google AdWord
    19. Comments on the Google SearchWiki
    20. Links from Google Gmail
    21. Using a link with a key in the basement (possibly a negative effect)
    22. Links from forums in the signature (negative impact is possible)

    Outbound links

    1. Links to non-trust sites
    2. Keyword in the external link from the site

    Link cluster

    1. The uniqueness of a class C address (a mystery to me)
    2. Keyword in internal link

    Internal links

    1. Lack of internal page links
    2. Link placement on the page
    3. Anchor of the first text link
    4. The ratio of the amount of text in the links to the total text


    1. Reoptimization
    2. Purchased links
    3. Sales links
    4. Spam comments
    5. Cloaking
    6. Hidden text
    7. Content duplication
    8. Keyword glut
    9. Manual sanctions
    10. Sandbox Effect (? = Domain Age)
    11. Reoptimization of linking site to increase PR
    12. Links from banned domains
    13. With spam sanctioned domain
    14. Use of blacklisted words in an anchor (buy viagra)
    15. Title Too Long
    16. Very long url
    17. Links from sites of the same registrar
    18. Redirect

    Search factors

    1. Bounce rate
    2. Search by domain or brand name
    3. Page click history from page search
    4. Domain Search Click History
    5. Using qualifying queries
    6. Users from which countries come to the site


    1. Javascript links
    2. No Follow Links
    3. Dublin Core Meta Data
    4. Performance / Download Site
    5. Speed ​​js

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