Why there are 1.3 billion reasons for the new cards in iOS 6

    I have no doubt that a lot of people now hate the new Apple cards. Yes, this is not so applicable to our country, where people love Yandex.Maps very much (except that the lack of walking routes is somewhat obscure), and, therefore, they didn’t really use Google ones.

    But, think about one small fact. Namely, think about the 1.3 billion people market and the “second” world economy. Yes, I'm talking about China with its great firewall.

    Here are two examples of places that are not in the center of Chinese metropolitan areas. Google

    ’s card ↓ But Apple’s card ↓

    Here you have ATMs, restaurants, shops, and museums - isn’t it, almost exactly the opposite repeats the current situation with cards in some places more civilized (in the sense of freedom ) countries? That, for which Apple is now scolded.

    And if you consider how many new “features” were added in iOS 6 for the Chinese market (a separate part of the presentation was even devoted to this part), then the obvious conclusion is obvious when you think about the profit and the wider occupation of the new market.

    Addition: Google, sooner or later, will release a separate application of its cards and most of the current "moans" will stop after that (or rather, they will move to another plane: the ability to assign the default application, as they say about the mail client and browser now). But billions of profits in the Chinese market will not disappear. Profit!

    Here it is already possible to argue with the fact that many say, "Under Jobs, this would not have happened." Are you sure of that now?

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