Rapoo E6300 - the sophisticated BT keyboard

    I'll tell you about another BT-keyboard, without a built-in battery, but very thin and light: Meet, Rapoo E6300.

    Packaging and equipment

    The packaging is plastic, thick but fragile. I could not stand it, poor fellow, delivery by our mail. A corner has cracked at the packaging, the keyboard is intact: Some kind of code, as far as I could understand - for authentication: Two pontoon stickers: Chinese acceptance: We take out the keyboard: We consider the package bundle: Instruction, charging cable, keyboard.

    Appearance and connectors

    Keyboard with a strange inscription on the white space: The type of keyboard is the same as in the previous topic - a flat top face, a membrane keyboard, the type of mechanism is scissors. True, printing is already different (apparently called Pad printing) - not just letters from paint, but something like stickers with letters already printed. If you don’t type tons of texts daily, the characters made by such a technology will last quite a long time (decryption: the keyboard will break earlier). The print is clear, in two colors, there is no Cyrillic alphabet: the keyboard itself is very thin: the back of thin polished steel (cheers, not lumines!): With a logo in the center: And a plastic blotch that conceals the electronics inside:

    The number of controls is minimal - the power switch, communication button, and two LEDs - one shows charging and low battery (green), and the second blinks when the keyboard is in search mode (red).
    Next to it is the serial number: On the upper side is the MicroUSB connector, used only when charging: By the way, the charge lasts a very long time - with a daily set (this I write on it too) it lasts for 2-3 weeks.


    Turn on the keyboard with the switch, click Connect. The LED starts flashing red - the keyboard is searchable. We start the search on the device: Push to connect: We type the PIN code on the keyboard with the numeric keys (it is different each time), and press Enter. The keyboard is connected. After installing Russian Keyboard , the Russian language appeared, the icon of the current layout, and the ability to switch to Alt-Space. And you can subscribe so as not to miss new reviews on the company page and in my profile (the “subscribe” button)

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