Runet Today, September 24, 2012. Experts of the issue: Alexander Alpern, Alexey Korolyuk

    At Finam FM studio - Alexander Alpern, CEO of, and Alexei Korolyuk, CEO of Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they say that the coupon giant launched its own payment system, about the unification of the largest Runet companies providing web conferencing services, and about the threat of blocking YouTube video hosting in Russia.

    1. Groupon Corporation has launched its own payment system Groupon Payments.

    - Why is Groupon going into a new business for itself?
    - What are the prospects for the development of electronic payments?

    2. The largest video conferencing services and COMDI announced a merger.

    - Why should unite?
    - What will be the next steps of the combined company?

    3. YouTube video hosting may be blocked in November this year because of the video “Innocence of Muslims”, which mocked the prophet Muhammad.

    - Will access to video hosting be closed?
    - What is the legal component of this incident?

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