Neutralinojs - an alternative to Electron that consumes less memory

Neutralinojs is an open source framework for creating cross-platform HTML / CSS / JS applications. The difference from Electron is that in order to run the application on Neutralinojs, you don’t need to install nodejs and hundreds of dependencies drawn from package.json. Let's compare the Hello World app on Neutralinojs and Electron. You can run the application on Neutralinojs on Windows or Linux (currently MacOS is not supported, but this is planned to be fixed in the near future). I ran on Ubuntu 17.10.

Hello World on Neutralinojs

  1. Download the archive (support for running completely from the command line in the development plans ) and unpack it.

  2. Run:


    On Windows:


    The application starts and looks like this:

RAM: three processes are created (neutralino, WebKitNetworkProcess, WebKitWebProcess) - in total, they occupy 35 mb.
Volume folders with files on the disk: 5 mb.

Hello World to Electron

  1. We clone the repository with the files and go to the created folder:

    git clone
    cd electron-quick-start

    Volume of cloned files: 344 kb.

  2. We tighten the missing packages:

    npm install

    The node_modules folder has appeared, the volume of files in the application folder has become: 218 mb.

  3. Run the application:

    npm start

    The application starts and looks like this:

RAM: I counted six processes (electron-quick-start, three processes electron, node, npm) - in total, they occupy 83 mb.


applicationDisk space (mb)RAM busy (mb)
Hello World on Neutralinojsfive35
Hello World to Electron21883

The difference in memory consumption, as they say, on the face.

Read more about the Neutralinojs project here .


I apologize, I was told that HelloWorld on NeutralinoJs takes 9 mb of RAM and one process is created, in fact it takes 35 mb of RAM and three processes are created. Thanks Jouretz for the tip .

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