Audit SQL Server with NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter: What's New in Version 2.5

    Our program for auditing SQL servers - NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter - has been updated to version 2.5. The new version provides administrators with advanced SQL server audit capabilities and simplifies control over database changes.

    The program audits the changes made in the configuration, databases, access rights, and other SQL Server objects and generates reports about them. The tool reports changes related to server instances, users, roles, logins, schema changes, and many other objects.

    NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter 2.5 offers the following features:
    • Audit database contents at the record, row and column levels, including the current and previous value;
    • The reports contain information about the computer from which the change was made, which helps to more accurately determine the source, for example, in a situation where several changes were made under one account;
    • Auditing SQL Changes Jobs, Steps and Job Scheduling;
    • Audit changes in rights to tables, views, stored procedures and functions;
    • Ability to receive reports in compressed form as attachments to electronic messages in CSV format.

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