An attraction of unprecedented generosity from Amazon. Once again about technical support

    It all started with the fact that my Kindle crashed. That is, how he crashed ... he lay on the bed, charged himself, and then accidentally sat on it. Or lay down, I do not remember. In general, they subjected the poor device to pressure. And, as a delicate screen should be, the E-Ink Pearl has flowed.
    My feelings can be expressed only in the first picture of the post.

    It looked very sad:

    And not at all encouraging: the reader was purchased from a local auction. The fact that she was registered with me then did not inspire me with great hopes.
    So, having learned and read about the magic of Amazon tech support, I made up my mind - I have to try. The question was only how to get in touch with tech support. You can, for example, write a letter to them, but you still need to find where to write, moreover, usually e-mail can be processed for a long time. Calling is usually problematic, because English is hard to hear at the moment.
    Therefore, having rummaged on the Amazon website, I found the Live chat function, which provides online communication with technical support through the likeness of "ICQ".
    When communicating with the manager, there were almost no language difficulties. I explained that I purchased the Kindle in February of this year, that it stopped working, that streaks went on the screen and in general half of it was not visible.
    I was informed that my Kindle was under pressure, broken and cannot be recovered. And another important detail: they can replace it with me completely free of charge, however they do not deliver goods to Russia, so I need to provide an address in US. And yet, as an exception, I don't need to return my broken Kindle .

    Roman: And I need to send you my device, right?
    Sathish (CSA): Yes Roman, you need to return the defective Kindle back to us as you are not IN us we will make a Exception and there is no need for you to return the defective kidnle back to us.

    The latter surprised me very much, but did not bother me. Technical support didn’t even request photos of a breakdown, purchase receipt, packaging, or something similar. They just took my word at the first opportunity. It was sooooo nice.
    I registered a mailbox for shipitsa, once again contacted support via Live chat, once again briefly explained the situation, provided a new address, and now a new Kindle appeared in my orders!
    By the way, the old one was deactivated and disconnected from the service, but the books on it were still read, even if half.
    Also, the manager told me that if I want, I can send the broken device to the USA, but at the same time I will pay the postage. I think that soon I will honestly send out that my conscience be clear.


    As a result, almost a month after sending the order, I received a brand new Kindle, after the announcement of Kindle Paperwhite. But I do not regret, and I consider my reader, if not the best, then one of the best. By the way, I also ordered a case to minimize the risk of repeated pressure.

    I believe that such a wonderful attitude towards users who haven’t bought anything from Amazon, even books, shows the high status of the company itself, shows that the customer is in the first place for them.
    And I just want to deal with them further.

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