Special breed flagship

    Flagship of a special breed

    Hi Habr. Hello friends.

    Our silence dragged on, and the blog got dusty in places. Even a web appeared in the corner. Well, nothing, henceforth we promise not to throw him. We have already put things in order, but it’s customary to meet guests with a table set. And we have something to show you!

    LG's current position in the Android device market looks a bit strange: all market segments except flagship devices are covered. There is L3 and L5 in the low and middle end, L7 and 3D Max in middle and senior positions, there is even 4x with a huge 4.7-inch IPS screen and the third “on board” tag, which occupies the position of the most productive LG smartphone presently. Its main competitor is Taiwanese OneX, which the LG 4X is superior to in almost all respects. But OneX is not a new device, and 4X is not suitable for the role of a flagship full of new technologies.

    Meet the new device, which will occupy the highest position in the product line and will fight for the hearts of customers with the most eminent competitors. LG Optimus G.

    The device will go on sale in Korea in the very near future, and we will wait until the IFA 2012 exhibition, where we can enjoy live on a smartphone that embodies all the latest developments of the company.

    Inside the smartphone there is a powerful bunch that many have been waiting for: a quadcore Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, an Adreno 320 video accelerator and an impressive amount of RAM - at the user's disposal as much as 2 gigabytes of “RAM”.

    In addition, the designers worked on the appearance of the new product, in a thin 8-mm case simple and elegant lines are hidden, the phone will be difficult to confuse with anything already on the market.

    Engineers did not forget to update the main part of the touch device - the screen. It has a new TrueHD IPS + matrix with a resolution of 1280x720, which is almost in no way inferior to screens built on AMOLED technology (and in terms of color rendering realism, one can argue who is inferior to whom). In addition, the thickness of the touch panel of the phone will be reduced by 30%, making it appear that the image literally touches the finger.

    Unfortunately, this is all information for now. As soon as we get a sample for a test, we will write a full review, with photos, personal feelings, tests, examples of the camera and everything you ask.

    See you again.

    LG team

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