Jevix Snippet for MODX Revolution

    I present to you the Jevix snippet for filtering and typing content on the site. The Khabrovsk citizens are well acquainted with her, for she comes from precisely here: 0.9 beta , 0.9.5 , and 1.0 .

    My snippet is nothing new, just now MODX users can install and configure Jevix on their website with a couple of clicks.

    All parameters are flexibly configured, errors are written to the system log. There is a description of the parameters in Russian (copy-paste from class methods) and English (my clumsy translation).

    The call is simple:

    Parameters can be changed with every call:

    You can send any placeholder or text to the input.

    This is the first version, there will probably be errors - so, be patient.

    The component’s home page with a description of the parameters

    Package in the MODX repository .
    Jevix Homepage .

    Jevix source code on Github.
    The source code of the component on Github.

    Many thanks to all Jevix authors for their excellent development!

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