DesignOps, rapidly breaking into the trend

    DesignOps is trying to force out UX-strategy and other terms to describe design management. It periodically pops up in recent years, but with the filing of the InOvision DesignOps Handbook from the training manual, it rushed to the top of the HYIP. Authors: Dave Malouf (Digital Ocean), Collin Whitehead (Dropbox), Meredith Black (Pinterest), Kate Battles (Fitbit). Organizational models, team coordination, Research Ops.

    The term does not create a new meaning ( design management, UX-strategy, design leadership speak about the same thing ), but rather calls an existing one in a new way. Ops, I did it again! Designers, like Gypsies, constantly wander from trend to trend and love new brilliant pieces - the term and concept of DevOps is already stretching onto design systems ( Design Systems Ops ), user research (ResearchOps).

    The campaign will have to rename my series of articles about the UX-strategy. Not that I run after every trend, but DesignOps better describes the initiative group that improves the company's infrastructure to implement good design - who does it and how. This is not just about working on a specific product, but rather about how to systematically improve the work of different product teams. Centralized design teams already live by this principle; in a more modern model, a la Spotify, we are talking about a separate team that works with the rest to introduce best practices.

    Damn, it smacks of a terminological argument, the most useless waste of time after creating a weather chat bot. But sometimes it does not hide from this and not all updates of the terms are bad. Jared Spool says that “something” -ops is a new “something” thinking .

    Over the past six months, Dave Malouf has often written on the Amplify Design blog (his own review article ). Airbnb was said loudly about this , Atlassian was mentioned . There is a site-collection on the subject .

    About the formation of Research Ops recently wrote Saskia Liebenberg from Deliveroo - a group that will help researchers inside the products. However, the majority of UX-laboratories and so work in the format of an internal agency that helps all products. Charlotte Clancy described the roles in this team .

    Well, the jewel in my new subscriptions is the blog of the Athena Health design team.. There are many excellent publications on design management ..., ugh, DesignOps:

    1. Scott Mackie describes the company's approach to design management at different levels . An excellent modern model - in terms of organization, and in terms of methods, and in terms of tracking results.
    2. He also writes about the organization of design teams . She has two leaders - an expert in management and in the subject area. The article is a good description of the specifics of each of the roles.
    3. Jennifer Cardello talks about the updated user research team device . Excellent toolkit that helps scale up research benefits.

    4. It also describes the structure of DesignOps in the company . Very systematic and competent approach.

    5. And again she talks about the large-scale product redesign and how the design team chose the points of focus and measured the improvement on them .

    Of the five design management conferences (LX Conference, UXSTRAT, Leading Design, DesignOps Summit, Enterprise UX), two are held by Rosenfeld Media. Natalie Hanson is regularly on the last and writes cool reviews of speeches . Here is a fresh one for the one that was on June 13-15 .

    By the way, the sale of tickets for DesignOps Summit was opened on November 7-9 in New York (until July 17, you can get a good discount). I'm already in business (I will go to the Peter Merholz and Kristen Skinner master class). Ida together :)

    PS There are tickets to Leading Design on October 10-12 in London .

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