Welcome to MskDotNet Meetup # 24

    Hello! We invite you on July 24 to the summer meeting of the MskDotNet community in the office of Sbertech. About speakers and reports - under the cut.


    18: 30-19: 00 Collecting participants
    19: 00-20: 40 Vladislav Chistyakov “Nitra - modern methods of implementing programming languages”
    20: 40-21: 00 Break
    21: 00-21: 40 Alexey Petryashev “How to create and automate OpenSource project"

    About speakers

    Vladislav Chistyakov: "Nitra - modern methods of implementing programming languages"
    Vlad Chistyakov, better known in the network as VladD2, is one of the founders of the site for rsdn.org programmers . In 2002-2004 he worked on the R # project - metaprogramming for C #. In 2006 he joined the group of developers of the hybrid programming language - Nemerle.
    Nemerle was interesting because it supported several programming paradigms: OOP, OP (functional programming), and MP (metaprogramming). This language, back in 2006, had more features than C # has today. And support for metaprogramming opened up truly incredible opportunities. This language supported extensions, so it was possible to add your own DSLs or necessary features to it. However, the quality of its implementation was far from ideal, and many possibilities were not thought out. When the Nemerle team thought about how, without having the resources of Microsoft, to create a high-quality and uncompromising implementation of Nemerle, the idea was born to create a YaP development tool - Nitra. Nitra was originally designed as a universal tool that allows you to radically simplify the development of such complex extensible languages ​​like Nemerle, and simple DSL. This presentation is dedicated to this amazing tool.

    Alexey Petryashev: “How to create and automate an OpenSource project”
    Alexey has been developing software and designing systems for over 17 years. He worked both in small companies and in a large “Enterprise”: 1C, VTB24, Alfastrakhovanie, Svyaznoy Bank, Antiplagiat. Now working in Sberbank. He has extensive experience in designing both small components and large systems. Keeps up with the times and uses the latest technology. Likes when everything is done one by one. Sphere of interests: .net, microservices, devops, distributed systems.
    Many people want to do something useful for the community, but they don’t know how. A lot of questions arise: how to create a project on github, what project structure to choose, what license to choose, how to automate the build, how to version the package, how to build and upload nuget packages. And there are a lot of other things: CI-server, MyGet, documentation, Support. In general, I want to share my experience in this matter.

    Venue: Novodanilovskaya Embankment, 10к1 (m.Tulskaya / Nagatinskaya)

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