Free Google Chrome: Mac, Linux, and Extensions

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Alexey Shelestenko, Google Russia Marketing.

When I talk about Google Chrome, I often get the same questions - “When will it be for Mac?”, “When will it appear for Linux?” And “When will there finally be extensions / plugins? Today, I am pleased to announce that Chrome is now banana in beta for Mac OS and Linux, and now it officially supports extensions.

Google Chrome for Mac (beta)
We have been working on the Mac version for a long time, and it’s no secret that the company itself has been waiting for its release for a long time, because the Mac is also popular among googlers. Sharpening Chrome for Mac is not an easy task, but it seems to us that we have done a good job with this task. We tried to combine the simple and clean Chrome interface with the "Mac" effects and animations so that Mac users can enjoy both the performance and aesthetics of this browser. Of course, we are very proud of the speed of Google Chrome for Mac, so if you are working on a Mac, install Chrome beta and evaluate how fast it starts - the icon barely has time to bounce!

For more information, welcome to the Google Mac blog.! We also offer you a video with the story of one of our engineers, Mike Pinkerton:

Google Chrome for Linux (beta)
Most Google engineers work on Linux machines, so from the day Chrome was launched, we have been constantly reminded that the version for this operating system is very necessary. As with Windows and Mac, we tried to make a fast, stable and secure browser, but in addition to this, we wanted to create a high-performance browser that integrates well with the Linux ecosystem. The result is a great browser with many features, including native GTK themes . Google Chrome for Linux in various GTK themes Help from the Open Source community - over Chromium - turned out to be very valuable

more than 50 enthusiasts worked, and their contribution to creating the version of Google Chrome for Linux is irreplaceable.

For more information on the Chrome beta for Linux, welcome to the Chromium blog !

Extensions in Google Chrome for Windows and Linux (beta)
From the very moment of launch, we planned to make Chrome an easily customizable and personalized browser, including through extensions. Extensions, in turn, should be easy to write and maintain, and at the same time, not affect the speed and stability of the browser itself. We are pleased to announce that the extensions for Google Chrome meet all these requirements: writing them is no more difficult than creating web pages; install them extremely easy; and they live each in their own separate process, so as not to crash and slow down the browser itself.

If you are working on PC or under Linux, you can now try any of the 300 extensions in our gallery , including some cool , useful and funny ones . There are no extensions for Mac yet, but soon they will be able to be tested on the developer channel. And if you're a web developer, you can learn more about how to write an extension for Google Chrome on the Chromium blog . Chrome with Extensions Installed Hopefully the new beta versions for Mac and Linux and the extensions will appeal to you!

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