10 informative YouTube channels in English that you have never heard of

    Learning should be interesting, so we at EnglishDom are constantly looking for educational videos that will inspire you to learn English, as well as give you fresh ideas or at least broaden your horizons.

    We have collected 10 truly cool and informative English-language channels. We did not consider the most famous and popular ones, therefore we guarantee that all (or almost all) will be new to you.

    Separately, we will indicate the level of knowledge of the English language, which is required for comfortable viewing of channels.

    Cody's lab

    An interesting educational channel on which the author puts a variety of experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. The themes are so non-standard that they will interest even people very far from science.

    For example, you can find out what burns better: paraffin or beeswax. Or see a way to dissolve gold with cherry pits. Or find out how snow behaves in a vacuum chamber.

    Want to see how steel wool burns in oxygen? Include video:

    The author tells all very interesting and clearly shows all the experiments. For a complete understanding of the lecturer, an English level of at least Upper-Intermediate is required, because the author speaks fluently, blurring the endings of many words. However, most of the videos on the channel have subtitles that will simplify the understanding of the text. Subtitles are added by the author of the video, not by automatics, so they are 100% correct.

    We recommend this channel to anyone who enjoys science or likes to watch interesting experiments from different fields of knowledge.

    Primitive Technology

    Extremely entertaining channel about building with the help of primitive tools. The author uses only those tools that were available to ancient people: stone, wood, made of clay or straw.

    The author independently creates really unique things. Weapons and hunting traps that actually work, tools (from stone axes and wooden shovels to pottery), even outbuildings and housing.

    It is amazing how much one person can create with the help of straight arms and what can be found in the forest.

    Here, for example, the author builds a full-fledged hut made of wood and clay:

    There is no voice acting in the video - during filming, the author has no time to speak. However, the subtitles describe all the actions that the author performs during the works. Therefore, as a visual aid for the study of this channel fits perfectly.

    We recommend it already from the Pre-Intermediate level. The video description can be translated using the dictionary or Google Translate, but with the help of subtitles you can study various names of actions and materials directly on a visual and very interesting example.

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

    The authors of the channel promise that they will tell all the secrets of the universe - one by one for one video. And they do it well.

    Videos are mounted in the form of dynamic and interesting cartoons with good voice acting and cover the most areas of knowledge: from the human body to quantum physics and space travel.

    The average video length is 5 minutes. Therefore, bored will not succeed. Especially when answering unusual questions in the video. For example, what happens if a coin-sized black hole suddenly appears in your pocket.

    By the way, here is the video. Find out what happens in this case:

    In general, the videos are very different and there is simply a huge amount of diverse vocabulary that can and should be taught. For understanding, it is desirable to have a level of Upper-Intermediate, because the flow itself will be difficult for a lower level of knowledge.

    Separately, I would like to mention the announcer who voiced the video - it is just great. He has a pleasant voice timbre, high emotional background and just the purest language. No worse than the announcers on the BBC. So with this channel you can successfully learn to perceive the English language by ear.


    This channel will make math fall in love with even those who hated it in school. The channel is created by the joint efforts of enthusiastic mathematicians, who consider this science amazing and want to prove it to everyone else.

    The channel is suitable even for the humanities, because even complex laws or patterns literally explain on the fingers.

    They simply and enthusiastically explain why some numbers are special, talk about interesting combinations and sequences of numbers, even about school and university knowledge. Interestingly, the video practically does not use specific mathematical terms, and if they come across, they explain their meaning.

    But that is not all. With the help of mathematics, the authors arrange real shows that are interesting to watch.

    Here, for example, they printed out on a continuous piece of paper the number Pi to one million decimal places. The length of the sheet turned out more than a mile - and they rolled it on the runway:

    The videos are very diverse, most of them are filmed in audiences, so the sound is quite good. True, most of the lecturers speak very fluently, so we recommend it to students with a level of English not lower than Upper-Intermediate. However, most of the videos have subtitles, so it will be a bit easier with them.


    Another educational channel, which tells about everything. By feeding and painting, it is more suitable for children and adolescents, but we are sure that adults will also find a lot of interesting things.

    The channel covers a wide variety of topics: animal behavior, geology, ecology, anatomy, history, evolution, technology, and many others.

    At the same time in the video talk about the right topics. For example, about how "dangerous" vaccines save the lives of 9 million people every year. You can watch this video:

    The language itself in the video can be a bit difficult for students with a level of knowledge below Intermediate. But even with him you need to have good listening skills. Lecturers speak clearly, but at a fairly fast pace.

    There are subtitles, you can turn them on to simplify viewing. The subscript in Russian is also there, but it is clear that it is not necessary to include it for upgrading English.


    This is a channel about science, education and everything interesting in the world. The author does not particularly bother with the choice of topics - he just covers absolutely everything that seems interesting and curious to him.

    There are videos that answer popular questions about science, there are separate series with strange scientific experiments and just interesting stories about the world in which we live.

    Despite the similar variation in the channel turned out to be alive. It will be interesting to watch both adults and children.

    For example, you want to know why the most poisonous animals in the world live only in a warm climate? Then watch the video:

    As for the language, the quality of the author varies depending on the shooting. Studio videos are clearer, and language is clearer. Exit also lose a little in sound quality, but still remain interesting.

    The channel can be watched by students, starting at the English Intermediate level. True, the video is very widely used specific scientific vocabulary, so it will need to work with the dictionary.

    Vintage Space

    A great channel about space and everything connected with it. Here you will learn the secrets of distant planets and star systems, about world space programs and perfect flights. The pleasant girl lecturer will tell you about interesting things in outer space and answer silly questions that interest everyone.

    The channel is designed for fans, so the author uses simple vocabulary and does not impose theories. Nevertheless, from the video you can learn a lot of knowledge about space - despite its small volume, they are quite informative.

    For example, would you like to see a sunrise in outer space? Then watch the video:

    The speaker's speech is quite understandable, but in some cases it is still very difficult to perceive. In addition, there are no subtitles in the video - there are only automatically generated from YouTube, but we do not recommend including them - very often there are errors.

    Given all this, watching the channel is worth students with a level of English not lower than Upper-Intermediate.

    Simple history

    So for history lovers, the channel arrived. Its content exactly corresponds to the title - “Simple History”. No boring theories or an abundance of obscure dates - just interesting facts from history.

    According to the authors, they carefully check the truth of the information that is illuminated in the video. Therefore, all data is historically authentic. True, we ourselves did not check, so it remains only to believe the authors.

    Video themes are very different. There are so many interesting reviews on two world wars, various interesting incidents and events in history. And also a lot of thought based on historical facts.

    For example, here is a video from which you will learn how to survive in the Wild West. Very interesting and necessary information, by the way:

    Videos are voiced by a professional speaker, so the language is quite understandable. However, due to the specific nature of the topic, historical definitions are often used, which may be unfamiliar to the ordinary viewer.

    In addition, there are no subtitles on the channel - only automatic ones, but we do not consider them. Therefore, for comfortable viewing, you need to have an English level not lower than Upper-Intermediate.

    C & Rsenal

    An ideal channel for weapons lovers. And here there are a lot of perfectly assembled videos about the history of the weapon, its functional features and, of course, tests at the test sites.

    Almost all the videos about firearms, which was used until the Second World War. There are no reviews of modern firearms here, so the channel can certainly be called historical.

    A huge plus of these videos - they are very thorough and interesting. The author tells about the history of a specific weapon model, its use in armed conflicts, its functional features and parameters.

    You can see for yourself how the author talks about the Walther Model 4 pistol. The video lasts 22 minutes - there is simply no water and empty reflections:

    The language is quite complicated, because it has a lot of narrow terminology from the weapons business, as well as historical facts. In addition, the lecturer is a little gongosit, which complicates understanding. Therefore, we recommend this channel to students with an Advanced level of knowledge.

    There are subtitles under the video, but they only help in part, because the vocabulary is still difficult.


    Channel about interesting items from around the world. You look and wonder how many interesting things there are that you have never heard of.

    And all items from radically different areas of knowledge. In his video, the author shows the bones of dinosaurs, opens 300-year-old canned chests, twists in his hands the first thing that visited the Moon and returned back. In general, you never know what he will talk about in the next video.

    By the way, the finds in the old chests were still very cool. Would you like to see?

    The language in the video is spoken, so you need to have good listening skills in order to understand everything that is said. True, the vocabulary is widely used.

    There are no subtitles, so we recommend this channel only to students with a level of English Upper-Intermediate and higher.


    It should be emphasized that this compilation is completely subjective and is based on the preferences of EnglishDom teachers of the English language school.

    The teachers themselves look and advise their students. Do you watch YouTube channels in English? Write your preferences in the comments.

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