It’s not a shame to watch such advertising: Thematic selection of the best clips about telecom 2012

    Not so long ago, the next Cannes Lions advertising festival 2012 ended and we traditionally follow which of our colleagues in the workshop went beyond the trivial in the field of promoting our product or brand. Unfortunately, there are no winners among telecom operators this year, but in the short list we have met many worthy of attention.

    For several years, T-Mobile has been attracting attention with its flash mobs. Let us recall the show at the railway station , at the airport , and karaoke on Trafalgar Square with the subsequent (rather daring) contest “ recognize yourself ”). This year At & t urges to use 4G communication services in order not to fall into the hero’s situation - is also love for this genre or a stone in the T-Mobile garden?

    Telenet, a Belgian telecom and television operator, is also on track to maximize viewer engagement:

    Broadcast operators this year have generally intensified. Gold was awarded to DirecTV, which showed a series of stories about why you need to abandon cable television in favor of satellite:

    Norwegian operator Canal Digital and Canadian Telus talk about the dangers and benefits of “advanced” television services, such as video on demand and networked personal video recorder (PVR).

    But our Spanish colleagues did not just a beautiful movie, but also a good deed - with the help of the energy generated by the fans at the football stadium, they provided the broadcast of the match in a small village. Bravo, Telefonica!

    By the way, Telefonica also earned bronze in the relatively new Mobile Lions category - and again not without good. The company released a mobile phone application that can help solve an important Colombian problem - returning to school children who are forced to work instead of studying.

    Closing our today's parade is a company that is not related to the operator business, but reminds us that without its services there will be no Internet, no e-mail, and no telephone connection.

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