Posters app for iOS: purchase movie tickets, view trailers, add photos and places

    Attention, good news. Something that many have long been waiting for happened - the Poster app for iOS was updated yesterday . We tried to take into account the wishes of users and did what everyone asked for. So what has changed and what opportunities have appeared?

    1) Buy movie tickets directly from the application. This is especially convenient when a person comes to the cinema, and at the box office there is a long queue. By the way, the function of buying tickets appeared in the application for Android.


    2) Watch movie trailers.

    3) Add photos of institutions and events. Take a picture of the interior of your favorite cafe, the food they cook there - and hundreds of thousands of people will see your photos.

    4) Add new establishments.If a new good institution has opened in your city near your home, help us and our users find out as soon as possible.

    5) Help us find out the news about places. It happens that the owners of the institutions forget to inform us about the innovations they have introduced. You can help them with this. For example, if our review indicates that the restaurant does not have Wi-Fi, but it was connected the day before yesterday, you can click the “Report” button and become the first to tell about the new product.

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