The cost of Google Nexus 7 was estimated by independent experts

    Google Nexus 7, which appeared on the market after a long wait, with serious technical characteristics and a very attractive price of $ 199 for the younger model, according to many experts, should work on the Amazon model - in other words, the company sells the device at almost cost, but then earns on selling content for him. This, in particular, explains the fact that in countries such as Ukraine, where Google Play is just an application store, the cost of the Nexus 7 promises to be, according to the Ukrainian division of ASUS, about $ 350.

    AllThingsD reviewers, citing iSuppli research unit, argue that Google will be able to seriously earn on the sale of the Nexus 7 even at the declared price in the US of $ 199 and $ 249 for the younger and older tablet models, respectively.

    ISuppli experts, having received the 8-gigabyte model Nexus 7 at their disposal, disassembled it and estimated the cost of the components. According to their conclusion, the cost of this tablet model is $ 151.75.

    A similar procedure with disassembly and evaluation was carried out with a 16-gigabyte model, which differs from the younger brother only in the amount of memory. The cost of the tablet in this case was $ 159.25.

    Thus, Andrew Rassweiler, the leader of this study, concludes that even with the assembly and shipping, an 8 GB Nexus 7 will be at least break-even for Google. But on the older model - where, in fact, you need to add a chip with more memory - Google will work quite well even without associated sales of content.

    For the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that iSuppli estimated the cost of the Google Nexus 7 at $ 30 less than it had previously done in another company - UBM TechInsights . However, in this case, the assessment was carried out, so to speak, in absentia, since the UBM specialists did not yet have the device itself, and the cost was determined by known technical characteristics.

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