Gnome 3.4 and elements in Opera

    About three weeks ago, at me (in Archlinux) Gnome was updated to version 3.4 and in Opera “unstylized” elements in forms began to look strange. The reason was the updated Adwaita (default theme). The developers, it seems, promised to fix this incident in the next version of Opera, but recently the browser was updated to version 11.64, and the forms are still displayed.

    The problem (if for someone this is really a problem) is solved by simply changing the “Dialog Toolkit” parameter in the browser settings. Those. open opera: config, copy and paste the line “Dialog Toolkit” into the search, set the value to one or two, to use dialogs from qt or gtk respectively, the display of form elements will also be corrected along the way.


    PS The solution was spied on the forum

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