Do I need customization for bootstrap?

    imageIn my projects I often use bootstrap. He's great. And in order to make it even more universal, I had the idea to make a service for its customization. Before, of course, I looked for analogues and was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of resources using bootstrap. There are collections of ready-made themes. I found a service that allows you to seriously change the appearance of bootstrap. But he is a little overloaded with details and to create a convenient version of the theme, I have to have ready-made color palettes prepared. Cool, but not very usable as for me. So I decided to cook up my service with a convenient and simple interface that would give the user an archive of the latest version of bootstrap with the saved color scheme.
    I just don’t know if this idea will be interesting to people. But I want to make a thing useful and necessary for people. Therefore, before diving into coding, I put together a small prototype that simulates the work of a future service. There are only two elements in it.
    Are you interested in such a service or well? ..

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