Survarium Development Video Diary

    Many people remember that the successful project of the Ukrainian studio GSC "STALKER" not so long ago died the death of the brave for unclear reasons (either raider capture, or just Sergey Grigorovich tired). The Stalker development team previously founded the new Vostok games studio and began developing a new post-apocalyptic shooter Survarium , which is very similar to their previous project.

    One of the essential shortcomings of Stalker was the incredibly long time frame for its development (the project even received the sarcastic nickname Zhdalker), as well as the frankly raw sequel and prequel - Call of Pripyat and Clear Sky. Survarium is scheduled for release in 2013, and developers are trying to make the process of working on the game more transparent and even invite fans of the series to send them gameplay suggestions. The development stages are shown in the video diaries, the second release of which is under the cut.

    The video is relatively small - about seven minutes - and its essential part is the game trailer. Then it comes to the mechanics of the game and its various features.

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