A project management system like Jira, only to "cloud" and up to 5 users for free

    Colleagues, by right of publication in the company's hub, allow me to share the news that we have been going to for about a year. We officially released the free version of TargetProcess in the cloud aka SaaS aka On-Demand.

    TargetProcess is a project management system with a focus on Agile methodology (XP, Scrum, Kanban). The system began to be developed in 2004 by four Belarusian programmers. Now it is used by more than a thousand companies around the world (Orange, Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Paralles, Kaplan, etc.). Key benefits: speed, flexible configuration and ease of use.

    Further I will tell you how it can be useful for our system.

    The Kanban board helps to answer the questions “who is doing what now”, “is this or that functionality ready” and “are testers overloaded”?

    To visualize why something has been done for so long, visualization of the story by changing states helps.

    Also, a large number of graphs and reports are built into the system. But the main difference is that you can build almost any report by taking the necessary data through the REST API.

    Thanks for attention. I hope you will have TargetProcess in mind when you begin to choose a system to manage your projects.

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