Google Launches Compute Engine Cloud Service

    Urs Hall, vice president of technical infrastructure at Google announced a new service from the company of good - Compute Engine. According to him, the focus of the new service is based on performance, scalability and cost. He showed a genome calculation application running on 600,000 cores.
    Another application used 10,000 virtual machines, but this is not the limit, Google will provide 50% more computing power than other companies.

    • Computing - Launch Linux virtual machines on demand. 1, 2, 4, and 8 virtual machines are available with 3.75GB of memory for each virtual core.
    • Storage - Store data on a local drive, on our new permanent block device, or on our internet-scalable Google Cloud Storage.
    • Network. Connect virtual machines with each other using our high-performance network technologies to form powerful computing clusters, with Internet connection management and the ability to configure a firewall.
    • Tools - Configure and manage virtual machines using the command line or web interface. Also, you can create your own dynamic control system using our API.

    Launching the Compute Engine, we worked with a number of partners - such as RightScale, Puppet Labs, OpsCode, Numerate, Cliqr, and MapR - to integrate their products with the Google Compute Engine. These partners offer service management services that make it easy to transfer applications to the cloud, as well as between different cloud services.

    Better late than never?

    When Urs Hall was asked if he thought that Google was a little late to the
    party, he noted that, despite the fact that in our time there are many
    players offering cloud infrastructure services, there are great
    prospects for Google, since the transition to the cloud is more
    cyclical and has a long-term perspective. “This is not about stealing
    market share from other players,” he said.

    “I think it's even early, because the entire IT industry itself is in childhood,”
    he said. “If you look at it, you will see that almost 99 percent of the
    companies are not in the cloud.” Hols, however, said this was a good
    time for Google to enter the market. “More and more are being created.
    mobile and web applications, and data storage, as well as the provision of services
    moves to the cloud, ”he said. The advent of Chrome OS, Android, and the iPhone
    has made cloud customers “stateless.”

    “This is still a very young market, and frankly, in five years you’ll have a
    completely different perspective on the types of clouds and the services they provide. ".
    Hols was restrained in predicting the level of popularity of the Compute Engine, but
    did not hesitate to note that Google has been working in the business infrastructure
    for many years, and this is one of the key advantages for the
    company. “The market will show,” he said and asked to ask the same question
    two years later.

    Cloud games

    Despite being laid off by Google, one cannot help but notice
    Amazon's looming shadow . Amazon Web Services, thanks to aggressive policies and its
    belief in cloud technology, has won a good niche, resulting in more than a
    billion dollars in revenue. But not only this revenue makes the IT industry
    jealous of Amazon's cloud business.

    The success of Amazon's cloud services has made it attractive to startups and
    third-party application developers that span the
    Amazon cloud services stack . These coders are kings in the new cloud world.

    The struggle for developers in the cloud and on mobile platforms is a major
    issue of the 21st century, worth trillions of dollars. Microsoft Azure, iCloud from
    Apple, Amazon Web Services, and now also the Google Compute Engine, all of them
    are trying to catch their cloud developers hooks. And it's rather strange that
    Facebook is not trying to do the same.

    Now Amazon is the king of the mountain. When I asked Amazon Technical Director Werner
    Vogels about the next five years, he talked about a new layer of services where Amazon
    will become a trendsetter. This is a clear advantage of the Seattle company,
    which outrages its partners. He understands that this is a way to get the money spent on IT dinosaurs such as Hewlett-Packard.

    These giants of the past must wake up with a migraine, and the advent of Google’s Compute Engine will make their lives even harder.


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