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    Today is Saturday, which means that the long-awaited (and, we hope, full-fledged) two days of rest lie ahead. But for many of us, rest is an opportunity to switch from work to self-development. Books, videos, independent work on your favorite project - now there is time for all this.

    Well, if you have time, why not watch a couple of free Skillbox webinars? These are the posts that we posted on YouTube. The topics are different, because we decided not to dwell on one thing, as in our usual posts .

    We divided the materials into groups to make them easier to navigate. This is not all that we have, so if you like it, we will publish new collections every Saturday.

    For beginners: why bother programming?

    Interview with a programmer
    Before you - an interview with the technical director of Beta Digital Production, Gleb Mikheev. We are talking about career, personal development, tasks that any developer must set for himself.

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    Profession Java developer: low threshold
    Java is one of the most popular programming languages ​​not only in Russia, but also in the world. In the ranking of vacancies, Java ranks first in popularity, and knowledge of this language is required in almost 14% of programmer vacancies - this is a pretty impressive share. So Java is worth learning to every programmer. We have dedicated this master class to this language. Press play and absorb knowledge!

    By topic: practical 4-month JavaScript course from scratch

    Everyone wants me. Mom, I'm a programmer.
    Web development has long been firmly established in our lives. The market is full, and finding a competent specialist is very difficult. However, they exist!

    In this webinar we talk about specialization in web programming, find out the requirements for candidates and figure out how to become a programmer who everyone wants.

    Encode: choose a programming language for a successful career
    At the moment there are hundreds, if not thousands of different programming languages ​​in the world. Each of them has its own disadvantages, features and advantages, which, moreover, are not always obvious.

    To solve the problem of choice, the team of our online university together with the main teacher Mikhail Ovchinnikov gathered for you all the necessary information and prepared a master class, the record of which you can watch right now.

    For beginners: time to try to make something of your own!

    We are starting iOS development: the first application
    Everyone knows that in the mobile technology segment, the main brand on the market is Apple, and where the brand name of the chipped apple is, there is a perfect (well, almost) ultra-convenient and modern iOS operating system. From all of the above, the conclusion follows: studying the development for iOS is the most profitable investment of time and money.

    In this video, the speaker will tell you more about this and also show you how to create your first application in real time.

    Getting Android Application Development
    Many programmers want to do the development of applications for Android. But not many imagine what steps need to be taken to do this. If you are seriously engaged in mobile development, then writing programs for Android is not just creating small toys and utilities, but a serious, time-consuming process.

    About all aspects of Android application development and will be discussed in this video. Join the viewing!

    Python First Steps: Objects and Classes
    Python is a leading language as the first programming language in many American colleges. He managed to shift Java and become the first general-purpose programming language that novice programmers pay attention to.

    The language itself was created 23 years ago, but as an excellent tool for teaching beginners to programming, it was discovered quite recently. We propose to draw your attention to it and see a master class devoted to the first steps towards further development.

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    PHP Application Development
    In this video we will talk about the development of general-purpose scripting web applications for PHP.

    You will learn:
    - is PHP really the most popular language for backend development;
    - why PHP is so popular;
    - Is it difficult to start making simple web applications in PHP;
    - what you need to know to be considered a professional;
    - about the situation on the market of PHP-developers: companies, salaries, requirements.

    Site for an hour! Part 1. PHP
    The first part of a series of videos on the creation of sites for PHP. We analyze the very basics, find out the pros and cons of using PHP to write websites, and then switch to the second webinar about working with JS when creating websites using the link .

    Some career cases for developers

    How I became the head of mobile development
    Cool two-hour webinar with Gleb Kosolapov, head of mobile development Tribuna Digital and Gleb talks about his career growth, shares his personal cases and reveals mistakes that you definitely cannot make in this profession.

    PHP developer: working in a company vs freelancing
    Where is a PHP developer better: in a company or freelancing? Now we will be happy to answer this question. In this recording of the master class on programming, we will in no way drag the rope in someone's direction, but just honestly tell you how the work in the office is different from freelancing.

    If suddenly you did not find what interests you, write in the comments, and we will try to help.

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    For today - everything, since the weekend, whatever you say, is short. So you shouldn’t download them in full, because you have a lot to do. And a movie, and a short trip, and a good book. It remains only to wish you a good weekend :)

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