Broadcast from Apple WWDC 2012

    The event is hosted by Tim Cook.

    But welcome the participants to start Siri.

    Siri: How hot it is here today. If you are a developer, then there are investors nearby.

    A joke on Android from Siri: Does anyone already use the new one from Samsung? ... Not a Galaxy, but a refrigerator?
    And about the one who gives such code names.

    Event statistics.

    30 billion downloads

    5 billion developers paid

    400 million iOS users

    650 thousand applications

    225,000 applications specifically for iPad

    AppEconomics works in 120 countries of the world

    Then the screen went blank and a video with a forest appeared. A blind man says that he is resting his brain in the forest and dreaming.

    A GPS application from the developer helps him with a walk

    A couple more apps to help educate children in India anatomy. Tim Cook says how cool it is to have apps that are made specifically for people.

    This is about today: the new Mac, the new version of the OS and iOS 6

    Updates for the MacBook Air. Updated CPU, memory, etc.

    Update in

    USB 3.0 SSD lines

    Better webcams

    Prices and updates for new MacBook Air

    13 "inches

    Updates in MacBook Pro

    New video


    All updated models can be bought today.

    New Model. 15 inches with retina and cool iron.

    Thin as Air, Most lightweight from Pro, 2.04 kg.


    Pixel Density

    The screen is better - black, fewer reflections with a glossy screen and viewing angles.

    OS and hardware are ready for this.

    Applications are also ready. Especially Final Cut Pro. You can fully edit FullHD on one screen.

    Or Autocad

    Diablo 3

    768 GB SSD!

    Memory up to 16GB


    Battery up to 7 hours



    Comrade Sir Ive praises him in the promotional video

    We tried to make it minimally noisy. The special design of the blades chasing the air asymmetrically.

    Characteristics and price.

    Available today.

    We pass to OS X

    Macs base for today

    Speed ​​of adoption of the new version in comparison with Windows 7

    What will be new in the new version: iCloud, notification center, dictation, sharing, new version of Safari, updates at night, AirPlay, Game Center The

    new version will be well integrated with iCloud. All settings and application data are stored in the cloud.

    The users of which are 125 million

    3 new iCloud applications in the new OS X: iMessages, Reminders, notes with iCloud integration. Documents will also integrate better into the cloud.

    New feature of the Notification Center. Notifications are very annoying.

    Now they are all in one place. Updates from third-party applications such as Twitter are supported.

    You can respond directly from the notification center

    . You can turn off notifications . Including at night, the next day they will turn on automatically.


    Sharing in the System

    Fast javaScript in the new Safari

    Tab synchronization via iCloud

    A new scrolling system for bookmarks. TabView

    Note that the dictation is very fast, and it seems to work offline.

    A new feature - Power Nap - updating software and data while the computer is not in use.

    Here are its characteristics.

    AirPlay from PC - broadcasts both programs and what is visible on the

    Game Center Support screen on OS level. Sync glasses with iOS, invitations to play, etc.

    We decided to play with the pros

    More than 200 new OS features

    Special love for China

    New in the SDK

    Will be available in July through the AppStore at a price of $ 19.99

    For all your computers. Does this mean that for 1 price I can update all my PCs?

    Now about the new version of iOS.

    On March 30, 365 million iOS devices were sold.

    Version distribution compared to Android.

    Comparison of platforms regarding the availability of the latest version of the OS on the

    notification center devices . 7 billion notifications per day, a total of 1.5 trillion

    iMessage notifications were sent - very cool. About 1 billion messages are sent per day.

    IOS users are very happy to use it.

    Version History

    In Siri, integrated sports. He knows what bets are in baseball, basketball, NHL

    Points, etc.

    Knows which player above

    Integrated table reservations through OpenTable and Yelp

    Сири знает теперь про фильмы, может показать трейлеры, база актёров…

    И умеет запускать приложения. Вот ещё какие возможности добавили

    Так же Сири умеет интегрироваться в автомобиль как hands-free Easy-Free

    Вот какие производителей автомобилей будут поддерживать в следующие 12 месяцев

    Обновили страны в которых доступна Сири, но России нет :(

    Сири теперь доступна будет и в новом iPad

    Интеграция с Facebook

    Чуть-чуть обновили центр уведомлений

    Facebook интегрировали в том числе и в магазин приложений.

    И в телефонную книгу

    Обновили приложение «телефон»

    Когда входящий звонок, то можно отправлять авто-сообщения

    Сделали как на старшей ОС — если вечер, то чтобы уведомления не беспокоили.

    Time settings, so as not to disturb

    But you can configure it if the subscriber is from the “favorite”, then his incoming calls cannot be “silenced”, as well as if someone calls persistently.

    FaceTime by 3G

    Mobile browser usage statistics

    Offline reading list

    iCloud tabs

    Uploading photos as files

    Smart banners. if you are on the mobile version of the site, then you will be

    prompted to install the FullScreen application for applications in landscape mode.

    Updated Photo Stream.

    Now you can share and comment on photos of iOS owners. Almost a social network from Apple.

    New in the mail - VIP mail

    Quick access to letters with VIP person

    If you marked the person as VIP, then if a letter comes from him, a notification will also appear.

    Now you can simply insert pictures and videos directly into the text

    and add a usage template throughout the system, including in the mail - “Pull to update”

    New application Passbook - stores your cards, tickets, coupons, etc. There will be an SDK for application integration.

    The application can update and mention according to information from cards / tickets - both geo-and in time.

    Updated part for people with disabilities. You can turn off part of the screen buttons.

    Single application mode so that students can not spy on answers in Safari.

    New maps

    Information about 100 million enterprises, as well as integration with Yelp

    New GUI

    Traffic mode Traffic

    accident information

    You can add

    navigation mode by yourself . (Rumor has it that with TomTom). Only for iPhone 4S / iPad 2 and younger.

    Navigation works on a locked screen.

    Integrated with Siri.

    Flight mode / 3D. Only for iPhone 4S / iPad 2 and younger.

    3D is compiled for all cities of the world, but not for the whole world.

    Information cards on objects


    Here's what else awaits us new in iOS 6

    It will be in the fall

    Supported devices

    Updated stores

    That's all.

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