Duracell and Powermat show new charging system

    Not so long ago, Duracell and Powermat formed the Duracell Powermat alliance, whose goal is the development of wireless chargers (how to make such a device yourself - here ). The results of this alliance are already visible - this is a new charging system that combines several products useful to the buyer together.

    Firstly, the charger itself is included. Secondly, there is a case for the iPhone, thanks to which it is possible to charge this device through wireless charging from the alliance. And thirdly, the kit also includes an additional battery, a battery with microUSB and Apple connectors.

    With all this, all this costs only 100 cu (I remember, I once bought in Ukrainian “Foxtrot” just a portable battery with a mini-USB connector, a solar battery and a UV flashlight for the same amount). The device is already on sale, it can be ordered online, or bought in a regular store (for now - only in New York).

    Despite the fact that the system now supports only the iPhone, the alliance promised to introduce kits that support a large number of mobile devices from other manufacturers. Such an improved kit will go on sale this fall.

    Via engadget

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