YoungYear Electronics Introduces PC Wire Casing

    For a long time already you will not surprise anyone with a motherboard and other functional PC nodes screwed to a wall. They do this not only in order to surprise, but also in order to improve the degree of cooling of the necessary components of the system. True, this does not always work, so many craftsmen come up with their own cooling systems. For powerful system units, manufacturers often install liquid cooling systems. Such a system is silent and cools perfectly. But YoungYear Electronics has proposed its own cooling system.

    This is the wire case shown on Computex. The solution may seem rather strange, but it has its advantages. Firstly, the system is assembled without the use of coolers, so that, among other things, it is almost silent. Secondly, according to manufacturers, such a case collects dust several times less than a conventional case of a conventional system. The developers claim that the dust simply does not get into the wire case, since the rising heated air blocks the ingress of dust during the operation of the PC.

    Yes, in the off state, dust gets inside, but still not in such volumes as happens with a conventional system, pumping cubic meters of air with dust that remains inside through the bowels of the system unit. The developers say that it’s simple to check the operability of their dust blocking scheme - just put the working system unit in a place lit by the sun's rays, and watch how the dust is thrown off by the rising currents of heated air.

    Of course, such a system cannot be very powerful, because the wire body simply can not cope with cooling. The power supply here can stand a maximum of 300 watts. Such a system unit cannot be used as a gaming PC, but for an office such a system is ideal. Indeed, in many offices there are system units that are so noisy that you can hear in neighboring offices.

    The Green Mesh case will go on sale in a couple of months. First in the USA, Taiwan and Germany, and then in other regions. Unfortunately, prices have not yet been announced.

    Via cnet

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