Magenta: open-source iOS clone

    Magenta - Darwin / BSD implementation on top of the Linux kernel, fully binary compatible iPhone OS 5.0 (uses the same binary format), works on any ARMv7 processor.

    Developer Christina B. took Darwin (the basis of iOS, published under the free APSL license ) and tried to replace all other proprietary iOS components with free alternatives.

    Magenta currently contains the following libraries:
    • Corefoundation
    • libstdc ++
    • libobjc
    • libc ++ abi
    • libicucore
    • libncurses

    As part of libSystem:
    • libmath
    • libunwind
    • libsystem_blocks
    • libc

    All libraries are compiled under Darwin, not under Linux, with the exception of libC, which works like a bridge.

    In the future, Magenta's goal is to recreate the iPhone OS 1.0 stack using free libraries. Theoretically, this looks quite real, given the number of possible alternatives, for example:

    CoreGraphics -> Cairo, FreeType, libpng / jpg
    Celestial -> different
    UIKit decoders -> Chamelleon

    “This is a very strange project. You ask, why am I doing this? Answer: I have no idea at all, ”the author writes.

    The source code of Magenta is published under a free license on Christina's website, she does not want to go to github, she says she does not like version control.

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