Coupons from people to people

    Increasingly, the word "coupon" has become associated with people with the word "deception." Really loved by all, “free coupon cheese” and really became another scam tool?

    The number of people who “got” on coupons is growing every day: Chinese consumer goods instead of real goods, doubling prices with a subsequent 50% discount, online stores - one-day ones have replenished the arsenal of coupon scams.

    In this article we want to talk about a new type of coupon service с .

    Initially, the coupon business was based on attracting new customers through a large one-time discount. So is it possible to move the arrow of a locomotive of distrust in coupon services to righteous rails?

    The idea of ​​creating a site for coupons from people or “chelopons” came to us recently. Our inspirers were the creators of the series “The Big Bang Theory” in the person of his eccentric hero Sheldon Cooper, who gave the first “chelopon” to his girlfriend to visit the planetarium. At that moment, the idea was born of making coupons another original means of communication.

    Invite a girl to a restaurant, call friends for a birthday or just give a 100% discount on happiness - another application for a coupon.

    In our project, we tried to solve the main problem of coupon sites - this is charging a coupon. If you have ever used a discount service, then you should be familiar with the feeling of anxiety on a number of issues: what if the service will not be of high quality, but have I already paid for it? How to return the money if I change my mind or do not have time in time for the action? And I don’t want to miss a really honest, profitable offer with good reviews!

    Our concept is a free coupon. We don’t pay for the advertisement that we saw on the street or for the booklet received at the intersection? Now, taking a coupon, you do not risk anything.

    Placing offers on the site is also free for everyone, therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce financial costs when holding shares without sharing revenue with the coupon service.

    Very often, coupon sites hide comments with negative reviews about the action. Because of this, coupon holders remain unaware of existing pitfalls. Such reviews will not be deleted by our service, and the organizers of the action will have a chance to show their ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

    Our project does not need either a large number of managers or a branch network. We will not chase the number of coupon shares to cover the costs incurred, but focus on the selection of truly honest offers.

    Doubtful stocks of online stores created a few days before the discount was announced, sellers of goods that do not need advertising, travel agencies with suspiciously cheap vouchers will not appear in the publication.

    If the action is good, then people use it, and the advertisement works, and if it’s another “divorce”, the organizer punished himself: by not fulfilling the stated promises, and thereby receiving anti-advertising of his activities. Respect is easy to lose, but to earn - you yourself know ...

    Let us return the coupons their good purpose - discount, gift, joy!
    And now everyone has a coupon for happiness!

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