I don’t understand how they do it, part 2

    Following the trail of the previous topic , in which it turned out that Zune cannot normally export the playlist.

    After battling with Zune, I still decided to figure out what the trouble was. Let me remind you the background: Zune converts playlists into zpl internal format, freely moving / deleting / duplicating list items as you like.

    “Okay,” I thought, “and if you feed you a ready-made zpl?”

    (By the way, I just installed a clean system and rolled up a fresh Zune from the official site.)

    It is said - done. Format, good, trivial. Take and generate zpl with your hands.

    Then the beautiful begins. One has only to try to play this playlist, as Zune silently and without any warnings frays the file, dumping there the same dissection.

    Here is the original zpl:
    This is what comes of it if you just open it with Zune.

    What adds to the fun is the fact that src and title are mixed up on some list items - i.e. the link points to one file, and the title writes from another.

    By the way, I wrote about this incredible support bug. Naturally, no one answered me:

    Okay, try to solve the problem differently. Download mp3tag and use it to write tags to all mp3-files. The mp3tag, by the way, like the rest of the software that I use (AIMP, VLC, ffmpeg) has no complaints about these files, everything works with a bang.

    We look at the 6th sonata: three files - Allegro, Allegretto, Presto. Tags are registered without problems. VLC also reproduces without any complaints.

    Open Zune. That's it, two of the three files evaporated in an unknown direction:

    With the rest of the sonatas, the same garbage. Some tracks are simply not displayed. On the phone, respectively, too.

    Moreover, which is typical, if you look at the very zpl from which it all began, then the same files disappear nifiga. For example, there is an allegretto from the 6th sonata in zpl, and it plays normally.

    By the way, Zune shows the curves of mp3 to itself and even warns that they are curves:


    I don’t understand how you can write such software and, all the more, how you can upload such govnokod to production. I don’t understand how I can get to the Microsoft support: post on Habr and answers didn’t have any effect, I didn’t find any more opportunity to apply for technical support. Somehow this is not comme il faut for a company selling OS for premium segment mobile phones.

    In general, I don’t really really know what to do with this brick for 25K now, which is not able to fulfill the functions of the most trivial 3-player mp3 player.

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