New Fuel Cell Type from Lilliputian Systems

    Lilliputian Systems is not a major player in the field of batteries. But it was this company that recently announced an interesting type of butane-based fuel cell. The device is not very large, its dimensions are comparable to the size of a small smartphone. But one charge of butane is enough to generate enough energy to charge 14 iPhones.

    This is not just a concept, as the cell will go on sale before the end of this year. True, the cost of the device is still unknown, but the developers claim that the price of the device will be low. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to refuel the device yourself (probably craftsmen will still be there, but a little later). The developers decided to use proprietary cartridges, which are sold with the device. So, when the fuel runs out, you will have to buy a new cartridge, and replace it with an empty one.

    These cartridges are the weakness of an interesting, in general, device. After all, getting cartridges will be problematic - they are unlikely to be sold at every step. And to organize the delivery of cartridge replacement from any expedition is quite problematic. An ordinary user does not need such a fuel cell. After all, the average user is always near the source of electricity.

    But a person who needs such a battery will be clearly unhappy with the need to order some cartridges there. Of course, you can buy a lot of these cartridges at once, yes. But still, it would be better to foresee the possibility of refueling this battery, equipping it with a system similar to the refueling system of lighters of various kinds. Let such a device cost more, but it would be practically indispensable for tourists, scientists, travelers and the military.

    Via dvice

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