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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 127: Reports on BeerJS, graphics on the Internet, fonts in SVG, disappearing frameworks, ES2015 + modules, don’t click, why CSS is.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 59 - Dmitry Manannikov about the history of moving to Denmark, creating a startup in Chile and BreakfastJS
    podcastdevschacht podcast: Night frontend # 39 - Bloody atmosphere vs startup atmosphere
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast # 54 Want quickness - write on the pros
    podcastThe CSSSR podcast, News 512 - Issue No. 12 ( June 25 - July 1)
    videoALL YOUR HTML # 55: “Directory of streams on Vue.js + Nuxt”
    enDev.Tube - the best video aggregator for developers
    habrvideoConference DUMP-2018: video of all reports and presentations
    envideoYGLF 2018 Kyiv , all videos from the conference

    Web development

    11 best English-language resources for web designers
    enHow WebAssembly accelerates the future of web development
    enHow to make your web applications mobile-friendly
    enWeb caching explained by the process of buying milk in the supermarket
    enFoundation 6.5.0 release with a lot of bug fixes and improvements


    Steady, declarative, contextual (a new look at the strengths of CSS)
    enHow I got rid of 250 KB of dead CSS with PurgeCSS
    enDrawing images with CSS gradients
    enPixels vs. Ems: Users DO Change Font Size
    enHow and why we conduct unit testing to our Sass
    envideoWhere is CSS4? When will it come out?
    enHow to quickly prototype applications using CSS Grid and CSS variables
    enWhat is the unit 'ch' in CSS?
    enCSS Grid Guide for Dummies


    • The history of React Native in Airbnb. Gabriel Peal, translated by Andrei Melikhov: Part 1: React Native in Airbnb , Part 2: Technology , Part 3: Creating a cross-platform mobile team , Part 4: Making a decision on React Native , Part 5: What's next with mobile development
    videoNew release. " getInstance ": Map & WeakMap
    enA practical introduction to ES2017 Async-Await
    enCreating AR / VR using Javascript and HTML
    enUsing JavaScript in industries
    enNew book: full stack web development in JavaScript— from A to Z

    • Libs & Plugins:
      engio.js - JS library for creating three-dimensional infographics in the form of a globe using Three.js
      enface-api.js - JavaScript API for recognizing faces in a browser using tensorflow.js
      endocz - never before has there been any documentation so simple


    habrFirefox will check passwords compromised by k-anonymization
    The release of Firefox 61
    Available release of Opera 54 with an updated Speed Dial and the new recovery features
    In "Yandex Browser" mode appeared for slower computers
    The Brave Tor Browser support
    enthe Mozilla adds the function " Whether there was a leak ”in Firefox
    enFirefox 61 - Quantum of Solstice
    enImproved JavaScript and WebAssembly performance in EdgeHTML 17


    What happened to Punto Switcher
    JetBrains published the results of the annual survey among programmers
    49 questions asked at interviews at Apple
    Gentoo project infrastructure hacked on GitHub
    Google invests $ 22 million in KaiOS, Firefox OS fork
    Google created the AI ​​coloring black -white videos of one photo
    Facebook changed its mind and lifted a ban on advertising cryptocurrency six months after its introduction
    enGuide on connecting payments to Telegram bots.

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